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2015-03-30 23:35:23
>> #1713595
I wonder what reactions he'd make in bed ;)
2015-03-09 23:20:03
>> #1702116
idk why but this is turning me on
2015-03-09 22:57:57
>> #1702105
He is so fucking cute!
2015-03-30 23:29:03
>> #1713594
Such a cool image my two favourite characters in touken in the same image Hotarumaru being my first.
Date: Mar 3, 2011User: danbooruRating: SafeScore: 113(vote upUp vote downDown)
Tags: /\/\/\ 6+boys 6+girls abomasnow abra absol absolutely_everyone aerodactyl aggron aipom alakazam alomomola alternate_color alternate_costume alternate_form ambipom ampharos anniversary anorith apple aqua arcanine arceus ariados armaldo aron articuno audino axew azelf azumarill azurill bagon baltoy banette barboach basculin baseball_cap bastiodon bayleef beartic beedrill bel_(pokemon) beldum bellossom bellsprout bent_spoon bibarel bidoof biting blastoise blaziken blitzle blue blue_(pokemon) bone bonsly braviary breloom bronzong bronzor budew buizel bulbasaur buneary burmy butterfree cacnea cacturne camerupt carnivine carvanha cascoon castform caterpie celebi chansey character_request charizard charmander charmeleon chatot cheren_(pokemon) cherrim cherubi chikorita chimchar chimecho chinchou chingling clamperl claydol clefable clefairy cleffa cloyster cofagrigus colorful combee combusken copyright_name corphish corsola cradily cranidos crawdaunt cresselia croagunk crobat croconaw crossed_arms crystal_(pokemon) cubchoo cubone cyndaquil darkrai darmanitan deerling delcatty delibird deoxys dewgong diglett ditto dodrio doduo double_v dragonair dragonite drapion dratini drifblim drifloon drilbur drowzee druddigon dugtrio dunsparce dusclops dusknoir duskull dustox eevee ekans electivire electrike electrode electrode_(pokemon) elekid emolga empoleon english entei epic espeon everyone excadrill exeggcute exeggutor exploud farfetch'd fearow feebas feraligatr fighting finneon flaaffy flareon floatzel flygon food forretress fraxure froslass fruit furret gabite gallade galvantula garchomp gardevoir gastly gastrodon gengar geodude gible gift gigalith girafarig glaceon glalie glameow glasses gliscor gloom golbat gold_(pokemon) goldeen golduck golem_(pokemon) gorebyss gothitelle gradient granbull graveler green grimer grotle groudon grovyle growlithe grumpig gulpin gurdurr gyarados happiny hariyama haruka_(pokemon) hat haunter haxorus heart heart_eyes heatran heracross herdier highres hikari_(pokemon) hippopotas hippowdon hitmonchan hitmonlee hitmontop ho-oh hoothoot hoppip horsea houndoom houndour hug huntail hypno hypnosis igglybuff illumise infernape ivysaur jigglypuff jirachi jolteon jumpluff jun_(pokemon) jynx kabuto_(pokemon) kabutops kadabra kakuna kangaskhan kecleon kingdra kingler kirlia klink koffing kokoroko kotone_(pokemon) kouki_(pokemon) krabby kricketot kricketune kyogre lairon lanturn lapras larvitar latias latios leafeon ledian ledyba lickilicky lickitung liepard lileep lillipup linoone log lombre lopunny lotad loudred lucario ludicolo lugia lumineon lunatone luvdisc luxio luxray machamp machoke machop magby magcargo magikarp magmar magmortar magnemite magneton magnezone makuhita mamoswine manaphy manectric mankey mantine mantyke mareep marill marowak marshtomp masquerain mawile medicham meditite meganium meowth mesprit metagross metang metapod mew mewtwo mightyena milotic miltank mime_jr. minccino mind_control minun misdreavus mismagius moltres monferno mothim mr._mime mudkip muk multiple_boys multiple_girls munchlax murkrow musharna musical_note n_(pokemon) natu nidoking nidoqueen nidoran nidorina nidorino nincada ninetales ninjask nintendo noctowl nose_bubble nosepass numel nuzleaf o_o octillery oddish omanyte omastar one_eye_closed onix ookido_green open_mouth orange oshawott painting palkia panpour pansage pansear paras parasect patrat pelipper pendulum persian phanpy phione pichu pidgeot pidgeotto pidgey pidove pikachu piloswine pineco pink pinsir piplup pix-cocobank-loco plusle pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_bw pokemon_dppt pokemon_frlg pokemon_gsc pokemon_hgss pokemon_rgby pokemon_rse politoed poliwag poliwhirl poliwrath ponyta poochyena porygon porygon-z porygon2 primeape prinplup probopass psyduck pupitar purple purrloin purugly quagsire quilava qwilfish raichu raikou rainbow_order ralts rampardos rapidash raticate rattata rayquaza red_(pokemon) red_(pokemon)_(remake) regice regigigas regirock registeel relicanth remoraid reshiram reuniclus rhydon rhyhorn rhyperior riding riolu roselia roserade rotom sableye salamence sandile sandshrew sandslash sawsbuck sceptile scizor scyther seadra seaking sealeo seedot seel sentret serperior servine seviper sewaddle sexual_dimorphism sharpedo shaymin shedinja shelgon shellder shieldon shiftry shinx shiny_pokemon shroomish shuckle shuppet silcoon silver_(pokemon) simple_background sitting skarmory skiploom skirt skitty skorupi skuntank slaking slakoth slowbro slowking slowpoke slugma smeargle smoochum sneasel snivy snorlax snorunt snover snubbull solrock sparkle spearow spheal spinarak spinda spiritomb spoink spoon spring_onion squirtle stantler staraptor staravia starly starmie staryu steelix stunky sudowoodo suicune sunflora sunkern surskit swablu swalot swampert swanna swellow symmetry taillow tangela tangrowth tauros tears teddiursa tentacool tentacruel tepig togekiss togepi togetic torchic torterra totodile touko_(pokemon) touya_(pokemon) toxicroak trapinch treecko tropius turtwig typhlosion tyranitar tyrogue umbreon unown ursaring uxie v vaporeon venomoth venonat venusaur vespiquen vibrava victini victreebel vigoroth vileplume volbeat voltorb vulpix wailmer wailord walrein wartortle watchog weavile weedle weepinbell weezing whiscash whismur wingull wink winter_clothes wobbuffet woobat wooper wormadam wurmple wynaut xatu yamask yanma yanmega yellow yuuki_(pokemon) yuuki_(pokemon_emerald) zangoose zapdos zekrom zigzagoon zoroark zorua zubat
2015-03-30 23:26:33
>> #1713592
But where's Waldo?
2013-11-24 13:47:38
>> #1442290
man that tag list is ridiculously long
2012-05-08 23:36:56
>> #1066790
I'm not sure who I should applaud more: the artist who made this or the people or person who tagged all that drawn pokémons.
2012-04-27 17:36:18
>> #1058746
The guy (or gal) who took so much time drawing this for us.
2012-04-27 17:34:03
>> #1058745
Suddenly, I have the urge to go up to this guy (or gal) and give them money. Lots of money.
2015-03-30 23:25:00
>> #1713591
I bet those bloomers and panties are bunched up against her cute anus and probably smell delicious.
2015-03-30 18:07:04
>> #1713469
wegees hurt mang
2015-03-30 13:49:18
>> #1713315
Why is she crying?
2015-03-30 23:24:23
>> #1713590
God I hate pointless censoring it just gets in the way and ruins the image.
2015-03-30 23:23:39
>> #1713589
Seems she got shot again. Maybe she should start looking for ways to pull out all those leads from inside her body...
2015-03-30 23:22:13
>> #1713587
He's so cute he's got such a good design for a character it's rare to see a shota who is designed differently from the average in my opinion if anyone gets what I mean.
Date: Mar 28, 2015User: jedijyu13Rating: ExplicitScore: -5(vote upUp vote downDown)
2015-03-30 23:13:16
>> #1713586
It's cross-eyed 3D.
2015-03-28 22:13:34
>> #1712372
Her right leg, her panties?, and her right hand and wrist.
After that i stopped caring.
2015-03-28 21:41:55
>> #1712359
Spot the difference!!!
2015-03-30 23:12:50
>> #1713585
Hendrickson knows what it means to keep his pimp hand strong
2015-03-19 04:18:32
>> #1707234
Tis But a flesh wound...
2015-03-18 21:20:21
>> #1707070
wrong way....
Hend: My arm's back....

Meli: No it isn't!
2015-03-18 19:01:01
>> #1707016
Your arm off! ...

No it isn't...
2015-03-18 00:38:05
>> #1706616
Tag: Nanatsu no Taiza (series)

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