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Onineko1602 Group: Member - Total Posts: 27
Spoilers in comments
Posted on: 08/05/16 01:07AM
Is there any option to hide the spoiler in comment I'm willing to place under the picture? Hope you know what I mean, to make others who want to see the spoiller, click on it to see, instead of being instulted by that as an intant :P

Domestic_Importer Group: Member - Total Posts: 143
Posted on: 08/05/16 01:20AM
[ spoiler ] example [ /spoiler ] but without the brackets being spaced.

Onineko1602 Group: Member - Total Posts: 27
Posted on: 08/05/16 01:28AM
Thanks :D I didn't want to try just to check this out since (as far as I know) there is no option to remove more comment or edit it, so... Now I know :D

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