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heros271 Group: Member - Total Posts: 4
Translation request
Posted on: 09/20/16 04:25PM
Could someone... translate these? I wait really long and there is nothing, TheTranslator went missing as well...

Dirty_Harry Group: Member - Total Posts: 485
Posted on: 09/20/16 05:24PM
heros271 said:
I wait really long

The upload date is just a bit over a month ago. But tratslating this many images with this much text is just incredibly time consuming, so I wouldn't count on it. However, perhaps you can interest someone, by offering something in return. Like drawing a commission, or something of that sort. Otherwise you're just being annoying.

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4013
Posted on: 09/20/16 05:38PM
All requests should be posted in forum #2825.

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