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 1girl :3 =_= barefoot bat_wings blue_hair blush bow brooch chibi collared_dress commentary_request detached_wings dress full_body gradient gradient_background hair_between_eyes hat hat_bow jewelry mob_cap noai_nioshi open_mouth patch pink_dress pink_hat puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_bow remilia_scarlet ribbon-trimmed_clothes ribbon-trimmed_dress ribbon_trim shadow short_hair short_sleeves sitting solo touhou translation_request two-tone_background wavy_mouth wings yawning 1girl blue_eyes breasts copyright_name crown dress grey_hair jewelry lailah_(tales) lips long_hair open_mouth tales_of_(series) tales_of_zestiria  1girl black_dress black_hair box butterfly_net carapace chocolate dress floating food gift gift_box grey_coat hand_net hat heart-shaped_box insect intestines jewelry long_sleeves macaron off-shoulder_dress off_shoulder one_eye_closed orange_eyes plate pocky red_ribbon red_scarf ribbon scarf silk simple_background sitting skull smoke solo spider_web tagme taranbo 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