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 1boy artist_name bandage blue_hair dated eyes_closed gokotai's_tigers l_hakase male_focus no_shoes sayo_samonji simple_background solo tiger tiger_cub touken_ranbu white_tiger yellow_background  1boy bandage black_background blue_hair hat japanese_clothes kote l_hakase male_focus no_socks sandals sayo_samonji solo touken_ranbu 1boy artist_name blue_hair chin_strap hat kote l_hakase lowres male_focus mouth_hold pocky profile sayo_samonji simple_background solo touken_ranbu  2boys artist_name black_gloves blue_eyes gloves green_eyes head_tilt heterochromia japanese_clothes l_hakase looking_at_viewer male_focus military military_uniform multiple_boys pink_hair smile sode solo_focus souza_samonji touken_ranbu uniform wreath yagen_toushirou  1boy artist_name black_hair blue_eyes character_name cowboy_shot cropped_legs dated flat_color frown horikawa_kunihiro katana kote l_hakase limited_palette male_focus red_background sheath sheathed short_hair simple_background solo sword touken_ranbu weapon  2boys alternate_costume black_border border comic dolphin eyes_closed horikawa_kunihiro japanese_clothes kimono l_hakase laundry laundry_basket male_focus monochrome multiple_boys musical_note non-human_saniwa_(touken_ranbu) open_mouth pants quaver saniwa_(touken_ranbu) sayo_samonji touken_ranbu track_jacket track_pants track_suit translation_request 6+boys akita_toushirou animal_on_head aqua_hair artist_name atsu_toushirou bangs black_gloves black_necktie blonde_hair blue_hair bob_cut brown_hair double-breasted gloves gokotai gokotai's_tigers hair_over_one_eye hat height_difference hirano_toushirou ichigo_hitofuri kote l_hakase long_hair maeda_toushirou male_focus midare_toushirou military military_uniform multiple_boys necktie open_mouth peaked_cap pink_hair sash sayagata short_hair smile sode tiger tiger_cub touken_ranbu uniform white_tiger yagen_toushirou  2boys ;d blue_eyes blue_hair green_eyes japanese_clothes kamekichi l_hakase lowres male_focus multiple_boys one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_hair ponytail sayo_samonji scar smile sweat touken_ranbu turtle urashima_kotetsu v  1boy double-breasted flower gloves honebami_toushirou l_hakase male_focus military military_uniform necktie purple_eyes silver_hair sode touken_ranbu uniform white_gloves  1boy hood japanese_clothes l_hakase male_focus pom_pom_(clothes) profile smile touken_ranbu tsurumaru_kuninaga white_hair yellow_eyes  1boy artist_name barefoot blue_background blue_eyes blue_hair dated dolphin hat kote l_hakase male_focus sayo_samonji sitting solo touken_ranbu water  2boys artist_name blue_hair dated japanese_clothes kote l_hakase long_hair male_focus multiple_boys pink_hair sayo_samonji sode souza_samonji touken_ranbu  1boy bandage black_cat blue_eyes blue_hair calico cat hat kote l_hakase male_focus orange_background sayo_samonji simple_background sitting solo touken_ranbu  1boy artist_name barefoot blue_eyes blue_hair dated japanese_clothes kimono l_hakase male_focus mouth_hold sayo_samonji solo touken_ranbu  1boy bandage basket bird blue_eyes blue_hair duck duckling grey_background holding japanese_clothes l_hakase looking_back lowres male_focus no_socks sandals sayo_samonji simple_background solo speech_bubble touken_ranbu translation_request walking  bandage blue_eyes blue_hair cape cat crossed_arms crossover full_body fuyunyan l_hakase looking_at_viewer no_socks sandals sayo_samonji scar simple_background standing touken_ranbu translation_request youkai youkai_watch  1boy artist_name blue_eyes blue_hair kote l_hakase lowres male_focus muzzle orange_background profile sayo_samonji simple_background solo touken_ranbu  1boy artist_name blue_background character_name dated double-breasted gloves l_hakase limited_palette male_focus military military_uniform purple_eyes sheath sheathed shoes short_hair shorts simple_background socks sode solo tantou touken_ranbu uniform yagen_toushirou  1boy aqua_eyes black_hair blue_background haori high_ponytail japanese_clothes l_hakase lowres male_focus mole mole_under_eye pom_pom_(clothes) profile scarf simple_background solo touken_ranbu upper_body white_scarf yamato-no-kami_yasusada  1boy artist_name blue_eyes blue_hair character_name dated japanese_clothes katana l_hakase male_focus no_socks sandals sayo_samonji solo suneate sword touken_ranbu weapon  ! animal_ears bandage bent_over blue_eyes blue_hair dated japanese_clothes kemonomimi_mode l_hakase male_focus no_socks open_mouth sandals sayo_samonji solo_focus speech_bubble tail_pull touken_ranbu  2boys bandage chocolate hakama hat japanese_clothes l_hakase male_focus multiple_boys sayo_samonji sitting touken_ranbu translation_request tsurumaru_kuninaga yunomi 1boy ? japanese_clothes l_hakase lowres male_focus monochrome sayo_samonji solo touken_ranbu upper_body  1boy bandage from_behind japanese_clothes l_hakase lowres male_focus monochrome sayo_samonji simple_background solo tiger tiger_cub touken_ranbu white_background  1boy hat japanese_clothes l_hakase lowres male_focus monochrome no_socks sandals sayo_samonji sitting solo touken_ranbu 1boy brown_eyes green_hair ichigo_hitofuri l_hakase looking_at_viewer lowres male_focus necktie open_mouth short_hair simple_background sode solo touken_ranbu upper_body white_background  1boy gloves hair_over_one_eye l_hakase long_hair male_focus monochrome open_mouth ponytail shishiou simple_background touken_ranbu  1boy bandage blue_eyes blue_hair hair_down japanese_clothes l_hakase long_hair male_focus sayo_samonji solo touken_ranbu  1boy afuro_terumi blush coat inazuma_eleven inazuma_eleven_(series) l_hakase long_hair looking_at_viewer male_focus mittens open_mouth orange_eyes scarf solo very_long_hair winter  blue_background blue_eyes cat dark_skin food fruit indian_style l_hakase long_hair mandarin_orange maroon_hair mikannyan ooyamori ponytail sandals sitting tabi very_long_hair youkai_watch  1girl blonde_hair boots character_name diamond_queen dog eyes_closed high_heels kaitou_joker l_hakase long_hair looking_at_viewer smile solo twintails yellow_eyes  1boy flower kaitou_joker kaitou_spade l_hakase legs_crossed long_hair looking_at_viewer lowres male_focus purple_eyes purple_hair rose simple_background sitting solo very_long_hair  arm_behind_back black_background dark_eye double-breasted earrings english gloves green_eyes hand_on_hip jewelry kaitou_joker kaitou_spade l_hakase long_hair purple_eyes purple_hair simple_background spade vest 4boys anklet atsu_toushirou blonde_hair blue_hair brown_hair chin_strap food gokotai gokotai_(touken_ranbu) green_background hair_over_one_eye hat ima-no-tsurugi in_food japanese_clothes jewelry kneeling l_hakase long_hair male_focus military military_uniform miniboy multiple_boys necktie plate red_eyes sayo_samonji sheath sheathed shoes short_hair shorts simple_background sitting socks sode standing stole sushi tantou tiger tiger_cub tokin_hat touken_ranbu uniform white_tiger yellow_eyes 1boy japanese_clothes kousetsu_samonji l_hakase long_hair lowres male_focus monochrome simple_background sode touken_ranbu upper_body white_background  1boy dated eating japanese_clothes kousetsu_samonji l_hakase leaning_forward long_hair lowres makizushi male_focus open_mouth simple_background sode solo sushi touken_ranbu very_long_hair 1girl apron bandanna boots braid brown_hair food green_eyes high_heels l_hakase long_hair mixing_bowl original plaid simple_background solo tongue tongue_out twin_braids whisk white_background  1boy blue_hair cloud formal full_moon gloves grin indian_style kaitou_joker l_hakase male_focus moon necktie night night_sky shadow_joker sitting sky smile star_(sky) starry_sky suit white_gloves yellow_eyes  artist_name brown_hair hakama japanese_clothes l_hakase letterboxed oogama_(youkai_watch) open_mouth sandals tabi tsuchigumo_(youkai_watch) upside-down youkai_watch youkai_watch_2  1girl 2015 animal_ears artist_name cloud dog english fence happy_new_year high_heels l_hakase new_year oriental_umbrella original sheep sheep_ears short_hair sky snow umbrella winter  1girl artist_name dated dress horns l_hakase orange_hair original solo  1girl animal_ears aqua_eyes aqua_hair breasts bunny_ears corset dark_skin dutch_angle l_hakase large_breasts long_hair lowres original puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves short_sleeves skirt solo very_long_hair