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 1girl bow costume harem_pants hat jirachi l_hakase long_hair pants personification pokemon silver_hair solo third_eye 00s 1girl arceus character_name costume dress female full_body l_hakase personification pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_(game) pokemon_dppt solo  2boys black_hair blue_background l_hakase long_hair long_nails long_sleeves male_focus midriff multiple_boys noruka pointy_ears red_hair sangokushi simple_background soruka yellow_eyes youkai youkai_sangokushi youkai_watch  1boy character_doll fang jibanyan l_hakase looking_at_viewer male_focus noruka open_mouth pointy_ears sangokushi solo yellow_eyes youkai youkai_sangokushi youkai_watch 1boy black_hair full_body fuyunyan l_hakase male_focus pillow pointy_ears sangokushi solo soruka youkai youkai_sangokushi youkai_watch  2boys black_hair fingernails grin l_hakase long_fingernails male_focus midriff multiple_boys navel noruka pointy_ears red_hair rotational_symmetry sangokushi smile soruka yellow_eyes youkai youkai_sangokushi youkai_watch  3boys beamed_quavers eyes_closed kasen_kanesada kousetsu_samonji l_hakase long_hair lowres male_focus monochrome multiple_boys musical_note quaver souza_samonji star touken_ranbu white_background  1boy :o bandage barefoot blue_eyes blue_hair handheld_game_console japanese_clothes l_hakase litwick lowres male_focus nintendo_3ds nintendo_ds pokemon pokemon_(creature) sayo_samonji shinx simple_background sitting solo touken_ranbu  1boy armor bandage blue_hair flower hat japanese_armor japanese_clothes kote l_hakase looking_at_viewer lowres male_focus open_mouth petals sayo_samonji solo touken_ranbu upper_body  1boy animal_ears ankle_wraps bandage blue_hair bunny_ears bunny_tail carrot from_behind japanese_clothes kemonomimi_mode l_hakase male_focus running sandals sayo_samonji shorts simple_background solo tail touken_ranbu  1boy bachi bandage barefoot biwa_lute blue_hair dated indian_style instrument japanese_clothes l_hakase lute_(instrument) male_focus open_mouth playing_instrument plectrum sayo_samonji simple_background sitting solo touken_ranbu  1boy animal animal_on_shoulder armor black_gloves boots character_name double-breasted earrings eyes_closed fox gloves japanese_armor jewelry l_hakase magatama_earrings male_focus menpoo military military_uniform nakigitsune nakigitsune's_fox necktie orange_background short_hair solo touken_ranbu uniform white_necktie  1boy aburaage animal_ears bandage bandanna blue_eyes blue_hair checkered checkered_background food food_in_mouth fox fox_ears fox_tail japanese_clothes konnosuke l_hakase looking_at_another looking_down male_focus multicolored_background ponytail sayo_samonji tail touken_ranbu  1boy blue_hair character_doll eyes_closed flower japanese_clothes kasen_kanesada l_hakase male_focus ponytail sayo_samonji sparkle star touken_ranbu  2boys ^_^ alternate_hairstyle blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair crossdressing dress eyes_closed hair_brush hat japanese_clothes l_hakase lowres male_focus midare_toushirou multiple_boys necktie open_mouth sayo_samonji smile touken_ranbu trap twintails  1boy boots coat hands_in_pockets l_hakase male_focus monochrome ponytail sayo_samonji scarf simple_background solo touken_ranbu yellow_background  2boys bespectacled blue_eyes blue_hair bow character_name glasses green_eyes hair_bow japanese_clothes kasen_kanesada l_hakase male_focus multiple_boys notepad pencil ponytail purple_hair sayo_samonji smile touken_ranbu 1boy bird bird_on_hand branch flower green_eyes green_hair hair_over_one_eye katana l_hakase smile solo sword touken_ranbu uguisumaru weapon  2boys armor blonde_hair brown_hair castle cloud eyes_closed fang glasses gotou_toushirou hakata_toushirou heart horse japanese_armor l_hakase male_focus military military_uniform multiple_boys necktie open_mouth red-framed_glasses smile sode touken_ranbu translation_request uniform  3boys bandage bird blue_eyes blue_hair dirty_clothes hat japanese_clothes kousetsu_samonji l_hakase male_focus multiple_boys sayo_samonji souza_samonji touken_ranbu translation_request  1boy apron bandage blue_eyes blue_hair bow frying_pan full_body gokotai's_tigers japanese_clothes kappougi l_hakase male_focus ponytail sayo_samonji spatula tiger touken_ranbu white_tiger  1boy blue_background character_doll japanese_clothes kasen_kanesada kousetsu_samonji l_hakase male_focus monochrome open_mouth ponytail running sandals sayo_samonji touken_ranbu 1boy blue_eyes blue_hair eyepatch hair_down japanese_clothes l_hakase male_focus personification sayo_samonji scar solo touken_ranbu upper_body 1boy animal_ears bandage blue_eyes blue_fire blue_hair fire fox_ears fox_tail full_body gohei hair_down japanese_clothes kemonomimi_mode l_hakase male_focus personification sayo_samonji scar solo tail touken_ranbu  3boys armor artist_name bandage blue_eyes blue_hair flower green_eyes heterochromia highres japanese_armor japanese_clothes katana kousetsu_samonji l_hakase long_hair male_focus 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senki_zesshou_symphogear short_hair simple_background smile solo  1girl artist_name copyright_request enedra heterochromia horns l_hakase limited_palette looking_at_viewer monochrome red_eyes simple_background solo world_trigger yellow_eyes  1girl akitsu_maru_(kantai_collection) artist_name backpack bag breasts character_name cropped_legs gloves hat kantai_collection l_hakase military military_uniform monochrome peaked_cap pleated_skirt randoseru short_hair simple_background skirt solo thighhighs uniform zettai_ryouiki 1girl artist_name character_name detached_collar earrings gloves gradient gradient_background green_legwear hotaru_(splatoon) jewelry l_hakase mole mole_under_eye pantyhose pointy_ears solo splatoon white_gloves  2boys bandage barefoot blue_background blue_hair chibi eyes_closed flower japanese_clothes kasen_kanesada l_hakase male_focus multiple_boys purple_hair sayo_samonji simple_background touken_ranbu  1boy adjusting_hair arms_up artist_name bandage barefoot 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