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aisha_(elsword) artist_request black_hair blush breast_grab breasts character_request chloe_(elsword) crucifixion dark_skin elf elsword elsword_(character) eve_(elsword) feet grey_hair licking_lips multiple_girls oberon_(elsword) pink_hair purple_eyes purple_hair raven_(elsword) red_eyes red_hair saliva tongue weapon white_hair yellow_eyes 5boys ? add_(elsword) black_hair blonde_hair bloody_yukime blue_eyes blue_hair character_name chung_(elsword) ciel_(elsword) coat elsword elsword_(character) grey_hair male_focus multicolored_hair multiple_boys pointy_ears raven_(elsword) red_hair shirt symbol-shaped_pupils two-tone_hair white_background white_hair 1boy 1girl alternate_costume animal_ears bandaid black_hair black_skirt breasts bunny_ears cleavage detached_collar detached_sleeves elsword enmaided green_eyes green_hair huyou_(awegk) long_hair maid maid_headdress pie plate pointy_ears raven_(elsword) rena_(elsword) skirt speech_bubble tasting white_background 1boy armor belt black_hair 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