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 >_< +_+ 6+boys 6+girls :> absurdres add_(elsword) aisha_(elsword) ass bathhouse black_hair black_sclera blonde_hair blush bodysuit chest_jewel chinese chung_(elsword) ciel_(elsword) comic convenient_censoring covering_eyes crossed_arms crown demon_girl demon_tail double_bun dual_persona elesis_(elsword) elf elsword elsword_(character) eve_(elsword) facial_hair facial_mark fang flat_gaze forehead_jewel grin hair_ears head_bump heterochromia highres hikimayu long_hair long_image luciela_r._sourcream mechanical_arm multicolored_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls naked_towel nishino_(waero) nude o_o pointy_ears portal_(object) purple_hair raven_(elsword) reaching red_eyes red_hair rena_(elsword) scar sitting smile soap soap_bubbles soap_censor spiked_hair spit_take spitting star star-shaped_pupils surprised symbol-shaped_pupils tail tall_image towel translation_request two-tone_hair wariza watermark white_hair yellow_eyes +_+ absurdres add_(elsword) aisha_(elsword) anger_vein ara_han armor black_dress black_hair blade blonde_hair blue_eyes blush boots bored bowtie broken chinese choker chung_(elsword) comic constricted_pupils crack cross cross_necklace crossed_arms crown double_bun dress electricity elf elsword elsword_(character) empty_eyes energy_weapon eve_(elsword) everyone evil_grin evil_smile eyelashes eyeshadow facial_mark flask flat_gaze foot_on_head forehead_jewel fur_trim giant giving_up_the_ghost glasses gloves glowing glowing_eyes grin hair_ears hair_ribbon hand_on_own_cheek hands_on_hips headband heart hidden_eyes highres jacket kiss long_hair long_image low_twintails makeup midriff multicolored_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls multiple_persona muscle nishino_(waero) number o_o oberon_(elsword) person_on_back pointy_ears purple_eyes purple_hair raven_(elsword) red_eyes red_hair rena_(elsword) ribbon ribbon_choker scar scared selfcest shaded_face slit_pupils smile spiked_hair star star-shaped_pupils sweatdrop sword symbol-shaped_pupils tall_image television thigh_boots thighhighs translation_request trembling twintails two-tone_hair watermark weapon whisker_markings white_coat white_dress white_hair white_jacket white_pants yaoi yellow_eyes  4girls 5boys absurdres add_(elsword) ahoge aisha_(elsword) ara_han art_shift black_hair blank_eyes blonde_hair blush breasts brother_and_sister chinese chung_(elsword) cleavage comic crack cracked_wall dual_persona elesis_(elsword) elsword elsword_(character) eve_(elsword) forehead_jewel hair_ornament highres hug long_hair long_image looking_at_another looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls muscle naughty_face nishino_(waero) o_o peeking_out phone purple_hair raven_(elsword) red_eyes red_hair rena_(elsword) robot_girl rubber_duck shirtless siblings sparkle spiked_hair tall_image towel translation_request two-tone_hair watermark white_hair yellow_eyes  1girl absurdres anger_vein annoyed attack black_hair blonde_hair blue_skin breasts chinese cleavage comic crossed_arms elf 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add_(elsword) black_hair blonde_hair bloody_yukime blue_eyes blue_hair character_name chung_(elsword) ciel_(elsword) coat elsword elsword_(character) grey_hair male_focus multicolored_hair multiple_boys pointy_ears raven_(elsword) red_hair shirt symbol-shaped_pupils two-tone_hair white_background white_hair  1boy 1girl alternate_costume animal_ears bandaid black_hair black_skirt breasts bunny_ears cleavage detached_collar detached_sleeves elsword enmaided green_eyes green_hair huyou_(awegk) long_hair maid maid_headdress pie plate pointy_ears raven_(elsword) rena_(elsword) skirt speech_bubble tasting white_background  1boy armor belt black_hair cross elsword expressionless gradient_hair grey_hair jewelry kirimi_maguro male_focus multicolored_hair necklace raven_(elsword) sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo spiked_hair white_background yellow_eyes  aisha_(elsword) amy_aruha ara_han arme_glenstid armor asin_tairin bandage black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair brown_hair chung demon dio_burning_canyon edel_frost elesis elesis_sieghart elf elsword elsword_(character) ercnard_sieghart eve_(elsword) flower grand_chase green_eyes green_hair hair_flower hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye hair_tubes headband heart heterochromia jewelry jin_kaien lass_isolet ley_von_crimson_river lime_serenity lire_eryuell long_hair mari_ming_onette mask necklace orange_eyes orange_hair pink_eyes pink_hair pointy_ears ponytail purple_eyes purple_hair raven_(elsword) red_eyes red_hair rena_(elsword) rin_(grand_chase) ronan_erudon rufus_wilde ryan_woodguard short_hair smile twintails veigas_terre whiskers white_hair wink yellow_eyes zero_zephyrum  3boys 4girls :d aisha_(elsword) ara_han armband black_hair blonde_hair chung chung_(elsword) double_bun elsword elsword_(character) eve_(elsword) eyes_closed green_hair hat long_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls needle nurse nurse_cap open_mouth pink_skirt pointy_ears purple_hair raven_(elsword) red_hair rena_(elsword) short_hair skirt sky smile tangel twintails white_hair yellow_eyes  2boys add_(elsword) black_hair copyright_name daizu_yan elsword facial_mark gloves grey_background grin hoodie jacket male multiple_boys pants purple_eyes raven_(elsword) smile tattoo white_hair yellow_eyes  1boy 1girl aisha_(elsword) ara_han black_legwear blue_background chung coat elsword elsword_(character) eve_(elsword) glowing glowing_eyes hair_over_eyes highres long_hair midriff pants purple_hair raven_(elsword) red_background red_hair rena_(elsword) reverse_grip serious silhouette smile split_screen sword thighhighs vilor vs weapon zoom_layer  aisha_(elsword) ara_han armor black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes chung elesis elsword elsword_(character) eve_(elsword) hair_brush jacket long_hair plant purple_eyes purple_hair raven_(elsword) red_hair rena_(elsword) short_hair sleeping smile table twintails white_hair yellow_eyes  aisha_(elsword) alternate_costume chainsaw chung chung_(elsword) clock elsword elsword_(character) eve_(elsword) highres 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hand_on_another's_face knee_boots large_breasts limble long_hair multiple_girls nipples open_mouth pointy_ears pussy pussy_juice raven_(elsword) red_hair rena_(elsword) scar simple_background smile spread_legs thighhighs uncensored vambraces yellow_eyes yuri  1boy black_hair elsword eyes_closed gloves highres jacket limble looking_at_viewer lying male open_clothes pixiv_manga_sample raven_(elsword) resized shoes sleeping underwear  1boy black_hair clenched_teeth coat elsword gloves male_focus nameco pants raven_(elsword) solo sword weapon yellow_eyes  1girl 2boys :o ;d arai_12 black_hair blonde_hair breasts elsword elsword_(character) fingerless_gloves gloves green_eyes jacket large_breasts long_hair multiple_boys one_eye_closed open_mouth payot pointy_ears raven_(elsword) red_eyes red_hair rena_(elsword) rune_slayer smile sweat wink yellow_eyes  2boys battle black_hair coat daizu_yan dual_persona elsword male multicolored_hair multiple_boys punching raven_(elsword) sword two-tone_hair 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