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 1girl 3: bangs black_legwear blush book breasts brown_eyes brown_hair brown_sweater closed_mouth eyebrows_visible_through_hair hair_between_eyes hakuishi_aoi heart heart_print holding holding_book knees_together_feet_apart long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts open_book original pillow plaid plaid_skirt pleated_skirt red_skirt school_uniform serafuku sitting skirt sleeves_past_wrists solo striped thighhighs valentine wavy_hair  1girl apron arms_up bangs blush breasts brown_eyes brown_hair brown_sweater closed_mouth eyebrows_visible_through_hair hair_between_eyes hair_tie hakuishi_aoi hands_in_sleeves long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts mouth_hold original pink_apron pink_background simple_background solo upper_body wavy_hair  >_< 6+girls ahoge anchor bangs black_gloves black_serafuku black_skirt blush bodysuit boots braid comic commentary_request covering_mouth crescent crescent_hair_ornament crescent_moon_pin cross-laced_footwear dress eyes_closed furisode gloves grin hair_flaps hair_ornament hair_over_shoulder hair_ribbon hairband hairclip hakama hat hatsuzuki_(kantai_collection) headband japanese_clothes kantai_collection kimono knee_boots lace-up_boots long_hair long_sleeves low_twintails matsukaze_(kantai_collection) meiji_schoolgirl_uniform mikuma_(kantai_collection) mini_hat mini_top_hat mogami_(kantai_collection) mogamiya_honu monochrome multiple_girls neckerchief necktie open_mouth remodel_(kantai_collection) ribbon sailor_collar sailor_dress sailor_hat satsuki_(kantai_collection) school_uniform serafuku shigure_(kantai_collection) short_hair single_braid skirt smile sparkle swept_bangs top_hat translation_request twintails uniform wavy_hair wavy_mouth wide_sleeves z1_leberecht_maass_(kantai_collection)  1girl 2015 2016 bare_tree barefoot breasts bridal_gauntlets brown_eyes brown_hair cleavage cloud cloudy_sky copyright_name dress fence fingerless_gloves full_body gate gloves gun handgun laura_sava light_brown_hair long_hair medium_breasts 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