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1boy armpits barack_obama cape cosplay crossover dark_skin gloves mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica male_focus miki_sayaka miki_sayaka_(cosplay) pointing politician simple_background smile solo star teeth what white_background white_gloves



Anonymous >> #815719
Posted on 2011-07-18 00:31:11 (Report as spam)
LMFAO! fuckin a thats funny.

Anonymous >> #815766
Posted on 2011-07-18 01:05:13 (Report as spam)
damn brain bleach please...the smile...oh god the smile.

Anonymous >> #815918
Posted on 2011-07-18 02:55:27 (Report as spam)
make a contract with me u'll be the president :o

Anonymous >> #816334
Posted on 2011-07-18 13:25:00 (Report as spam)
Winning! keystroke keystroke.....

jedi1357 >> #816341
Posted on 2011-07-18 13:30:24 (Report as spam)
Mahou Shota Baraku Ohbama

Anonymous >> #816573
Posted on 2011-07-18 17:17:05 (Report as spam)
(contract with Kyubey, of course !)

kitsutane >> #817360
Posted on 2011-07-19 07:37:08 (Report as spam)
Where's his soul gem?

Anonymous >> #817632
Posted on 2011-07-19 13:43:47 (Report as spam)
OBAMA: sup' bitches??

Anonymous >> #817743
Posted on 2011-07-19 16:10:31 (Report as spam)
Actually, if you want to go crazy with some red state/blue state motif, we need to have Sarah Palin win the 2012 Republican primary just because she'd make the best Kyouko.

Anonymous >> #824150
Posted on 2011-07-25 11:32:14 (Report as spam)

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