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1boy 1girl bangs black_hair blunt_bangs boat crossover enma_ai formal good_end hime_cut itou_makoto japanese_clothes jigoku_shoujo lantern lowres nice_boat okota_(artist) okotan_(dewdrops) paper_lantern red_eyes school_days suit tears watercraft


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Anonymous >> #45561
Posted on 2009-04-22 03:29:07 Score: 11 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
Nice boat.

Anonymous >> #294763
Posted on 2010-05-06 09:38:21 Score: -4 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
LOL...Ai sent him to HELL!!

Anonymous >> #356469
Posted on 2010-07-06 21:47:09 Score: 2 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
He'll be alright, MANkoto would probably have sex with every demon down there anyway

Anonymous >> #825854
Posted on 2011-07-26 22:36:08 Score: 6 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
Correction Anon3 MANkoto would probably be assraped by every male and futanari demon down there

Anonymous >> #1079233
Posted on 2012-05-27 09:55:43 Score: 2 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
He will be fine. He got some mad sex skills

GematriA >> #1442924
Posted on 2013-11-25 13:32:19 Score: -2 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
Everyone gets what he deserve