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1boy 2girls antennae armpits arms_up bad_id bai_hua bikini black_hair blue_eyes breasts brown_eyes cleavage contrapposto dark_skin drooling erect_nipples film_strip frills glasses hair_tousle hairband honeycomb_background honeycomb_pattern large_breasts lips liu_li long_hair multiple_girls navel open_mouth original ryuuzaki_ichi saliva school_shock short_hair shun_hao_xuan side-tie_bikini silhouette silver_hair smile swimsuit toned white_hair



Anonymous >> #1062777
Posted on 2012-05-03 13:19:31 (Report as spam)
These characters are actually from a manga called School Shock (a rather good manga, I recommend reading it).

The girl with the long black hair is Bai Hua and the one with the short white hair is Liu Li.

The boy in the background is Shun Hao Xuan, the series protagonist.

Anonymous >> #1420897
Posted on 2013-10-21 18:38:32 (Report as spam)
A protagonist who is a stupid pervert ? What ?! How it is possible ?! *sarcasm*