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6+girls =_= alcohol areolae arm_support bath blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bottle braid breasts brown_eyes brown_hair character_request choko_(cup) collarbone commandant_teste_(kantai_collection) crown cup drunk hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon hairband half_updo kaga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection large_breasts light_brown_hair looking_at_viewer low_twintails mini_crown multicolored_hair multiple_girls nakajima_yuka naked_towel nude onsen outdoors partially_submerged pola_(kantai_collection) prinz_eugen_(kantai_collection) ribbon rubber_duck sake sake_bottle saratoga_(kantai_collection) side_ponytail sitting smile snowing steam streaked_hair sweatdrop tokkuri towel twintails wading warspite_(kantai_collection) wet wine_bottle