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>:) 1boy 3koma 6+girls :d ? ^_^ absurdly_long_hair abyssal_admiral_(kantai_collection) abyssal_jellyfish_hime admiral_(kantai_collection) aircraft_carrier_hime ascot aura battleship_hime black_dress black_hair blue_eyes blue_sky breast_pocket breasts cleavage cloud cloudy_sky comic commentary_request crossed_arms crossover dark_aura day detached_sleeves dress eyes_closed face_mask flag folded_ponytail funnels gauntlets highres holding inazuma_(kantai_collection) iowa_(kantai_collection) isokaze_(kantai_collection) k2 kantai_collection katana light_brown_hair long_hair low_ponytail mask multiple_girls navel ne-class_heavy_cruiser ninja_slayer one_side_up oni_horns open_mouth parody parted_lips plasma-chan_(kantai_collection) pleated_skirt pocket ponytail real_life red_eyes red_neckerchief saratoga_(kantai_collection) scarf school_uniform sendai_(kantai_collection) serafuku shaded_face shinkaisei-kan skirt sky smile smirk spaghetti_strap steven_seagal sword torn_clothes torpedo translation_request v_arms very_long_hair weapon white_flag white_hair white_skin