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1girl blush breasts dark_magician_girl duel_monster feet female glass_slipper kogarashi_(wind_of_winter) large_breasts monster nipples pov_feet rape revival_jam slime soles solo tears tentacle toes vaginal yu-gi-oh! yuu-gi-ou_duel_monsters



Anonymous >> #465407
Posted on 2010-10-08 19:25:36 (Report as spam)
Hehe, that's either an accidental or a clever throwback to the episode where she's given glass slippers by cinderella.

Anonymous >> #566512
Posted on 2011-01-01 23:21:35 (Report as spam)
Mhm... Nope thats the horrors of Revival Jam there... ;D

Anonymous >> #669667
Posted on 2011-03-26 21:51:54 (Report as spam)
image= what goes on between duels

Anonymous >> #870741
Posted on 2011-09-07 01:27:29 (Report as spam)
She's not barefoot, tag needs to be removed. She has glass slippers on. Oh yeah, *fapfapfap*