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Ticket Information - ID: #854

ID:Category:SeverityReproducibilityDate SubmittedUpdated By:
0000854Bug ReportingHighalways10/08/16 11:38AMlozertuser
Assigned to:geltas
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Target Version:N/A
Summary:No Page Numbers on Firefox Desktop/Mobile
Description:The links to the other pages of the image list on the bottom of the page do not appear on Firefox. You're stuck on page 1. Like this on 49 on Linux/Windows, 45 on Linux, and on Android. Been this way for a few weeks now.
Additional Info:
Trala123 replied at 2016-10-09 00:53:53
Refreshing repeatedly will make them appear. In fact, the issue seems more widespread: single images fail to load, results pages fail to load, page numbers fails to load... like I said, they DO load if you recharge repeatedly. It's VERY annoying!

ara-ara replied at 2016-10-10 13:09:40
This issue is marked as resolved but this still happens.

lozertuser replied at 2016-10-10 13:50:49
Not a bug. Disable adblock