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Wiki History Listing

1いいオークの日 [i]Ii Ooku no Hi[/i] [b]Good Orc Day[/b] is celebrated on [b]November 9th (11/09)[/b]. It is a day to post pictures of [[orc]]s behaving well, based on a [[date_pun]]: November 9th = 11/09. 1 = "i", thus "11" can be read as "ii", which means "good". 0 = "o/oh/oo". 9 = "ku", thus "09" can be read as "ohku" / "ooku", which means "orc". Therefore 11/09 can be read as [i]ii ooku[/i] (good/nice orc) and November 9th is いいオークの日 ([/i]Ii Ooku no Hi[/i], Good Orc Day).
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