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* glasses
* sunglasses

* adjusting_glasses
* adjusting_sunglasses
* glasses_on_head
* sunglasses_on_head
* removing_glasses (in process of removing glasses)
* glasses_removed (glasses off, holding)
* sunglasses_removed (sunglasses off, holding)
* glasses_askew

Style of glasses
* broken_glasses
* rimless_glasses
* semi-rimless_glasses
** under-rim_glasses
** over-rim_glasses
* opaque_glasses (non-transparent)
* round_glasses
** coke-bottle_glasses (thick, round opaque_glasses)
* heart-shaped_glasses
* shooting_glasses
* safety_glasses

Color of rim/frame of glasses
* red-framed_glasses
* yellow-framed_glasses
* pink-framed_glasses
* black-framed_glasses
* blue-framed_glasses
* green-framed_glasses
* purple-framed_glasses
* orange-framed_glasses
* white-framed_glasses
* brown-framed_glasses
* aqua-framed_glasses
* grey-framed_glasses

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