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Tag type: General

A smiley which signifies that character has his/her eyes really shut, especially as a result of being filled with glee.

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 &gt;_&lt; 2girls :3 animal_ears blonde_hair blush bow bowtie cleiooo eyes_closed fennec_(kemono_friends) fox_ears fox_tail full_body gloves gradient_hair grey_hair half-closed_eyes happy heart kemono_friends multicolored_hair multiple_girls petting puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves raccoon_(kemono_friends) raccoon_ears raccoon_tail seiza shirt short_hair short_sleeves sitting skirt smile speech_bubble tail text translation_request twitter_username two_side_up wavy_mouth white_background  !! &gt;_&lt; ... 4girls :3 ^_^ ^o^ cliff comic crossed_arms eyes_closed fennec_(kemono_friends) greyscale hand_behind_head happy hat hat_feather highres jumping kaban kemono_friends lucky_beast_(kemono_friends) monochrome multiple_girls murakami_hisashi panties pantyshot pointing raccoon_(kemono_friends) serval_(kemono_friends) smile speech_bubble sweat text translation_request underwear &gt;_&lt; 2girls angle_wings bangs blue_eyes blush braid breasts cleavage dual_persona eggplant eyes_closed female four_goddesses_online:_cyber_dimension_neptune gloves hair_ornament height_difference highres long_hair mctom multiple_girls neptune_(choujigen_game_neptune) neptune_(series) open_mouth power_symbol purple_hair purple_heart short_hair wings &gt;_&lt; 6+girls ac130 beret blonde_hair eating eyepatch eyes_closed fn_fnc_(girls_frontline) german_clothes girls_frontline hat highres legs_crossed m1911_(girls_frontline) m3_grease_gun_(girls_frontline) mp38_(girls_frontline) multiple_girls nagant_revolver_(girls_frontline) ppsh-41_(girls_frontline) russian_clothes sitting skirt smile sten_(girls_frontline) twintails vz.61_(girls_frontline) wariza waving  &gt;_&lt; 2girls 4koma ac130 blonde_hair chinese comic eyes_closed failure firing girls_frontline ground_vehicle gun hair_ornament hairclip hat highres m2_browning m2hb_(girls_frontline) machine_gun military military_vehicle motor_vehicle multiple_girls red_eyes sleeping tank translation_request turret weapon zzz  &gt;_&lt; 3girls 4koma ^_^ absurdres blush book bow comic denshinbashira_(bashirajio!) eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed greyscale highres holding holding_book hoshizora_rin kousaka_honoka long_sleeves love_live! love_live!_school_idol_project monochrome multiple_girls school_uniform short_hair side_ponytail smile speech_bubble striped striped_bow sweatdrop thought_bubble translation_request yazawa_nico

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