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.flow is a fan-game, created for Yume Nikki. It is best known for being more nightmarish than Yume Nikki. In it, you play as a white-haired girl with bed-hair named Sabitsuki. Like Yume Nikki, you explore Sabitsuki's dreams, which seem to have a knack for becomng nightmares. It is also well-known for some of its great music, which is commonly thought of as "beautiful." At some points, one may think these dreams/nightmares may revolve around something related to birth.

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.flow 1girl :/ androgynous arm_at_side blush bush collarbone drawstring fence flower frown holding hood hood_down hoodie lead_pipe limited_palette long_sleeves looking_at_viewer messy_hair muted_color red_eyes sabitsuki short_hair sketch sky slit_pupils smr03 solo standing unzipped upper_body white_hair zipper .flow 1girl albino artist_request bare_shoulders cowboy_shot frown highres lead_pipe long_skirt pipe red_eyes sabitsuki short_hair simple_background skirt sleeveless sleeveless_turtleneck solo turtleneck weapon white_hair  .flow 1girl blush chopeko copyright_name crying eyes_closed headphones necktie portrait psychedelic sabitsuki school_uniform short_hair solo white_hair white_skin younger  .flow 3girls absurdres albino dripping eyeball eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair flower gaida highres kaibutsu lily_(flower) messy_hair multiple_girls necktie pink_eyes power_lines sabitsuki school_uniform short_hair smoke smokestack solo_focus surreal teeth traditional_media watering_can white_hair  .flow 1girl =_= cheek_pinching flat_gaze jitome mamaito mogeko_(mogeko_castle) mogeko_castle pinching sabitsuki scarf skirt striped striped_background tail tank_top tears white_hair  .flow 1girl bangs blood burdock gobou_(gobou-san) holding lead_pipe sabitsuki short_hair sidelocks silver_hair skirt sleeveless sleeveless_turtleneck solo turtleneck

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