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Tag type: General

An elongated version of o_o
It substitutes the eyes with white circles. Used to express surprise and/or shock.

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+++ 0_0 2girls 4koma :3 ^_^ ^o^ absurdres ascot blush bow comic commentary_request detached_sleeves eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed frills futa4192 gloves greyscale hair_between_eyes hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu hands_clasped hat hat_ribbon heart highres label long_hair mob_cap monochrome multiple_girls neck_ribbon nontraditional_miko open_mouth puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves ribbon short_hair short_sleeves solid_oval_eyes sweat swirls touhou translation_request umbrella very_long_hair wide_oval_eyes yakumo_yukari 0_0 1girl black_legwear black_skirt blouse blush capelet character_doll checkered checkered_background commentary_request cover cover_page doll_hug frilled_skirt frills green_eyes green_hair hair_between_eyes heart hug kazutake_hazano long_hair lying on_side open_mouth original pink_ribbon ribbon skirt smile solo sparkle thighhighs white_blouse wide_sleeves  0_0 1boy 1girl ^_^ ahoge araragi_koyomi arms_behind_back black_eyes black_hair chocolate comic eyes_closed gift hammer_(sunset_beach) highres hood hooded_jacket jacket monogatari_(series) oshino_ougi owarimonogatari pantyhose short_hair skirt sleeves_past_wrists translation_request 0_0 3girls ahoge commentary_request crying crying_with_eyes_open garrison_cap glasses harunatsu_akito hat highres i-168_(kantai_collection) i-58_(kantai_collection) instant_loss_2koma jitome kantai_collection long_hair military military_uniform multiple_girls reading school_swimsuit speech_bubble swimsuit swimsuit_under_clothes tears translation_request twitter_username u-511_(kantai_collection) uniform0_0 2girls anger_vein armpits bag beanie black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bracelet female_protagonist_(pokemon_sm) hat jewelry lillie_(pokemon) long_hair multiple_girls naitou_kouse nipples one_eye_closed open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm red_hat short_hair sketch translated>_< /\/\/\ 0_0 4girls 5girls ? ^_^ anger_vein animal_costume animal_hood apron bag blush bowl box bunny_hood chameleon_(ryokucha_combo) chocolate chocolate_heart comic commentary_request cosplay drill_hair emphasis_lines excited eyes_closed food gift gift_box giraffe greyscale hair_ornament half_updo heart high_ponytail holding holding_bowl holding_food ichihara_nina idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls kigurumi long_hair looking_back looking_to_the_side mixing_bowl monochrome morikubo_nono multiple_girls open_mouth parted_lips ponytail shiina_noriko shoulder_bag smile sneer spatula speech_bubble sweatdrop totoki_airi translation_request twintails valentine zaizen_tokiko |_| ||_||

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