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 >_< 10s 6+girls :< ahoge akatsuki_(kancolle) anchor anger_vein black_hair black_legwear black_panties blush bow bow_panties brown_hair chibi cowering eyepatch closed_eyes folded_ponytail green_panties haguro_(kancolle) hair_ornament hands_on_own_head haruna_(kancolle) hat hibiki_(kancolle) ikazuchi_(kancolle) inazuma_(kancolle) itituki kantai_collection long_hair multiple_girls murakumo_(kancolle) panties panties_under_pantyhose pantyhose pantyshot pink_hair pleated_skirt school_uniform serafuku shiranui_(kancolle) skirt squatting striped striped_panties tenryuu_(kancolle) thighhighs trembling underwear upskirt ushio_(kancolle) white_hair white_panties  rating:Sensitive score:10 user:danbooru
 2girls :o aqua_eyes black_ribbon black_socks blush_stickers brown_eyes brown_hair d: floating green_hair grey_background grey_sailor_collar grey_skirt hand_up hands_up highres kneehighs long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_up melting multiple_girls neck_ribbon no_lineart no_nose no_shoes open_mouth original outstretched_arm parted_bangs pleated_skirt ribbon sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt short_hair simple_background skirt sleeves_past_wrists socks surreal tareme tsukumizu_yuu white_shirt  rating:Sensitive score:10 user:danbooru
 1girl barefoot blue_eyes blush dress full_body glowing glowing_wings green_hair highres koga_rejini long_hair looking_at_viewer open_mouth panties pantyshot plant saya_(saya_no_uta) saya_no_uta sleeveless solo spaghetti_strap sundress underwear very_long_hair vines white_dress white_panties wings  rating:Sensitive score:12 user:danbooru
 1girl all_fours animal_ears aqua_eyes ass bag bare_shoulders black_thighhighs blush bottle breasts cat_ears cat_tail clothes_lift commentary crop_top eating extra_ears food from_behind highres kantoku lifted_by_tail light_brown_hair long_hair looking_at_viewer mouth_hold original panties pleated_skirt refrigerator refrigerator_interior sausage skirt skirt_lift sleeveless solo tail thighhighs underwear uniform white_panties  rating:Sensitive score:157 user:danbooru
 10s 1girl azuki_azusa blonde_hair blush bow collarbone dress green_eyes hair_bow head_tilt hentai_ouji_to_warawanai_neko. highres indoors kantoku long_hair looking_at_viewer mouth_hold off_shoulder official_art polka_dot polka_dot_dress short_dress sitting solo thermometer white_bow  rating:Sensitive score:24 user:danbooru

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