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 1boy 2023 absurdres artist_name bandaged_arm bandages belt blue_eyes bulletproof_vest commentary cowboy_shot deimos_art denim english_commentary english_text fallout_(series) fallout:_new_vegas fingernails grey_pants gun handgun highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon joshua_graham looking_at_viewer m1911 male_focus pants shirt smoke solo weapon white_shirt  rating:General score:11 user:danbooru
 2boys colored_skin crossover goblin_slayer goblin_slayer! green_skin helmet male_focus multiple_boys parody pointy_ears shoujo_donburi star_wars tagme yoda  rating:Sensitive score:25 user:TOSJedi
 absurdres artist_name cream food food_focus fruit highres no_humans original pancake plate souffle_pancake spoon strawberry sugar_(food) takisou_sou wooden_spoon  rating:General score:1 user:danbooru
 1girl absurdres breasts cleaned closed_mouth covered_navel curly_hair floating_clothes floating_hair greyscale gyoro_gyoro hand_up highres index_finger_raised long_sleeves medium_hair monochrome monster murata_yuusuke no_panties official_art one-punch_man pelvic_curtain scan skin_tight small_breasts tatsumaki telekinesis traditional_media  rating:Sensitive score:67 user:danbooru
 1girl fubuki_(one-punch_man) greyscale monochrome murata_yuusuke one-punch_man smile tagme  rating:Sensitive score:82 user:danbooru
 eyvzi172xqdkvs7 flower flower_focus highres leaf no_humans original painting_(medium) plant plant_focus rose shadow still_life sunlight traditional_media watercolor_(medium) yellow_flower yellow_rose  rating:General score:1 user:danbooru

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