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 1girl 490 album_cover baggy_clothes blush boots circle_name clothes_on_floor coffee coffee_mug couch cover crossed_legs crumbs cup female_focus grey_eyes hands_on_own_knees hat unworn_hat unworn_headwear highres jam japanese_clothes kariginu long_hair mononobe_no_futo mug multicolored_clothes pillow plate ponytail scan scan_artifacts silver_hair simple_background sitting skirt stuffed_animal stuffed_toy table tate_eboshi teddy_bear title touhou white_background wide_sleeves  rating:General score:5 user:Moonman
 1girl animal animal_ears bird black_swan_(bird) blonde_hair bow bra breasts green_eyes holding holding_animal jacket luminous_witches lying military military_uniform navel necktie official_art panties shimada_fumikane small_breasts smile striped_clothes striped_thighhighs tail thighhighs underwear undressing uniform unworn_jacket virginia_robertson white_bra white_panties world_witches_series  rating:Sensitive score:45 user:Moonman
 1girl ahoge animal_ears artist_name blonde_hair blue_eyes blueberry bow braid cat_ears cat_tail chameleon_man_(three) chibi flag food fruit lynette_bishop military military_uniform necktie running simple_background strike_witches striped_legwear tail uniform white_background world_witches_series  rating:General score:5 user:Moonman
 .flow 1boy 4girls absurdres alcohol bar_(place) bartender_(yume_2kki) braid brown_hair cigarette cigarette_butt covering_own_mouth drunk fisheye gas_mask highres madotsuki maid maid_(.flow) mask multiple_girls on_floor pantsu-ripper sabitsuki skirt smile_(.flow) underage_drinking urotsuki vomiting white_hair yume_2kki yume_nikki  rating:Sensitive score:22 user:Moonman
 1girl absurdres ahoge braid graphite_(medium) highres looking_at_viewer lynette_bishop military military_uniform monochrome nasutane necktie panties simple_background single_braid sketch solo strike_witches thigh_gap thighhighs traditional_media underwear uniform wide_hips world_witches_series  rating:Sensitive score:6 user:Moonman
 1girl absurdres animal_ears cat_ears graphite_(medium) highres looking_at_viewer military military_uniform monochrome nasutane necktie pantyhose sanya_v._litvyak seiza simple_background sitting sketch skirt solo strike_witches traditional_media uniform world_witches_series  rating:Sensitive score:5 user:Moonman

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 1girl alternate_costume bird_wings black_hair black_wings blue_buruma blue_jacket breast_suppress buruma closed_mouth cowboy_shot feathered_wings from_below hair_between_eyes hands_up hat high_collar jacket kazune_(baumkuchen) large_wings long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_down pom_pom_(clothes) red_eyes red_hat shameimaru_aya short_hair simple_background sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists solo standing thighs third-party_source tokin_hat touhou track_jacket white_background wings zipper zipper_pull_tab  rating:General score:3 user:danbooru
 2girls animal_ears ass ass_grab back bare_shoulders black_hair blue_eyes breasts deep_skin detached_collar fake_animal_ears from_behind hands_on_ass highres kagehito leotard long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back mononobe_no_futo multiple_girls murasa_minamitsu playboy_bunny ponytail rabbit_ears rabbit_tail shiny_skin short_hair sideboob skindentation small_breasts smile tail thong_leotard touhou very_long_hair  rating:Questionable score:29 user:armorcrystal
 1girl arm_up ass blonde_hair fox_girl fox_tail from_below from_side kagehito kudamaki_tsukasa looking_at_viewer open_mouth short_hair smile solo tail touhou white_background  rating:Sensitive score:18 user:HomeStruck
 1girl absurdres alice_cartelet blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bow dot_nose highres kin-iro_mosaic long_hair looking_at_viewer miniskirt nasutane open_mouth pink_sweater school_uniform shoes simple_background sitting skirt solo sweater thighhighs white_background white_thighhighs  rating:General score:6 user:Vampire10
 1girl anti-materiel_rifle ass asymmetrical_gloves belt bikini bikini_top_only breasts brown_eyes fingerless_gloves gloves gun hair_between_eyes hair_ornament holding holding_weapon large_breasts long_hair mismatched_gloves multiple_views pink_thighhighs ponytail red_hair rifle scarf short_shorts shorts sidelocks skull_hair_ornament sniper_rifle solo tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann thighhighs underboob weapon wersman yoko_littner  rating:Questionable score:28 user:Yavie
 1girl breasts brown_hair from_below gameplay_mechanics gloves green_eyes hair_ribbon highres legs net panties pantyshot pink_panties ribbon saru_getchu sayaka_(saru_getchu) skirt small_breasts smile solo sony thighs twintails underwear  rating:Sensitive score:33 user:spk

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