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Date: Apr 5, 2023User: danbooruRating: ExplicitScore: 496

Knight_Whore commented at 2023-09-28 00:32:25 » #2833529

That's the kind of dungeon and enemies that I want to fight!

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StarburstMoth commented at 2023-09-04 01:26:49 » #2828217

Thats the kind of game over i want..

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Cumcake commented at 2023-07-16 20:27:10 » #2818185

Love me some bad ending/game over content. Can't get enough of seeing a heroine broken and in despair.

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Date: Aug 21, 2020User: danbooruRating: SensitiveScore: 6

LittleLovableLoli commented at 2023-09-28 00:14:45 » #2833528

...why did they make them giant anime girls? At least, I assume they built her? Did they really need to spend likely billions of dollars making her have realistic kaiju-sized tits?

I dunno, I just feel like I'd rather get a Cherbo Alpha or a Gypsy Danger instead. Cherno Alpha is so fucking cool...

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Date: Jun 3, 2022User: danbooruRating: GeneralScore: 34

cookie_n_cream commented at 2023-09-27 23:59:37 » #2833524

ngl i wanna rape her (⁠*⁠﹏⁠*⁠;⁠)

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itsxavier commented at 2022-07-14 07:07:51 » #2728565

She's so cute and adorableee. I wanna hug her and take care of her

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Date: May 7, 2023User: discoballs42Rating: ExplicitScore: 767

JokersArsene commented at 2023-09-27 23:35:27 » #2833520

I find this one hotter than the full naked version

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SilverHavoc commented at 2023-09-06 20:48:15 » #2828829

This artist is seriously talented

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HollowWonder commented at 2023-08-08 22:31:47 » #2823015

Tatsumaki looking amazing.

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Android64 commented at 2023-05-16 10:15:35 » #2803872

amazing! Tatsumaki is the best!

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Date: Jul 18, 2021User: ZipprRating: ExplicitScore: 999

f0rcedback2female commented at 2023-09-27 23:30:43 » #2833517

Wow, this is incredible. Kinda envious of her.

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VirginUsr commented at 2022-03-31 18:14:20 » #2700177

You'd be surprised how far people would go to pleasure their cocks with rape in all of history, what makes you think they wouldn't do the same with technology. Especially when it comes to impregnating a cute, fertile school girl you'll likely never see again?

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SexualPersona commented at 2022-01-19 14:28:23 » #2681426

pregnancy via bluetooth, also sexual assault

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Nanaya43 commented at 2021-11-25 13:47:30 » #2666947

Technology finally goes too far. Lmao

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Blazekick96 commented at 2021-07-28 14:44:27 » #2633851

Wow, people are really creative, huh?

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