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LDWindgates Group: Member - Total Posts: 20
Posted on: 02/12/11 05:18PM
let see... i have about 3.45 tb of it. vids, pic, dou, and self made. i have about 80 doujinshi CD's i bought on ebay (still havent put them on my hard drive) then i was working at a porn store for a while so i got a discount plus our crappy mayor passed a law banning all porn stores in the area an with the sales we were having plus my discount i have about 300+ of videos, all kind (and toys if plp were wondering ^^

ThatOtherGuy Group: Member - Total Posts: 171
Posted on: 02/12/11 07:30PM
Everyone said:
"Some absurdly high amount of porn..."

Jesus fucking christ guys, my computer would'nt even run with half the amount of porn you all have. then again, it's only a laptop.

PantiesbooPower Group: Member - Total Posts: 84
Posted on: 02/13/11 02:00PM
I have 13 years worth of hentai and porn scattered all over.

Kentabarou Group: Member - Total Posts: 50
Posted on: 02/13/11 04:52PM
I never stop to count how many hentai I have, but I think passing 6Gb

internetlovemachine Group: Fleet Admiral Cat - Total Posts: 3799
Posted on: 02/13/11 04:58PM
If you combine nearly every image on my computer it'll probably turn up about 56mb

what the heck is it with you people

jedi1357 Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3195
Posted on: 02/13/11 05:12PM
56mb = 7MB = 0.006835937GB I have some still images larger than this.

Orb Group: Member - Total Posts: 123
Posted on: 02/14/11 03:38AM
I don't gather porn, porn gathers me - I'm a dragon kitty - RAWR =^-^=

Dwarfio Group: Member - Total Posts: 1109
Posted on: 02/14/11 08:16AM
Orb said:
- I'm a dragon kitty - RAWR =^-^=

You had me up until that point.

Lu_Aza Group: Member - Total Posts: 186
Posted on: 02/14/11 09:04AM
Goddamned otherkin.

spotless Group: Member - Total Posts: 151
Posted on: 02/14/11 07:10PM
well, i have 4 dvds full of videos, that is around 16-18 GB.

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