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READ THIS FIRST! The (un)official Faq
Posted on: 07/17/08 11:05PM


If you see any information here that is wrong, or your question is something that isn't in this FAQ, post a response in this thread so we can fix/answer it.


Please read the entire thread before posting a new question about the issue.

Rules and policies
forum #484 Want an image restored?
forum #653 "There are other images that violate the ToS..."
forum #2821 Guidelines for animated GIF creation

forum #1706 Unofficial Gardener's Guild
forum #1334 Subjective Tagging Discussion
forum #1226 Report tag poisoners
forum #4818 Tags to remember

Browsing the site:
forum #1549 How to get past the search limit (too deep)
forum #2184 How to search by date
forum #2697 What to do if your blacklist stops accepting new entries
forum #2735 Why the site may be blacklisting posts even with no tags in your blacklist
forum #2800 If the previous two topics didn't help, try this.
forum #2906 What to do if seemingly random images fail to load (and you're using an ad blocker).
forum #3545 Issues with webms/search bar? Instructions on how to fix. (Also if you're using an ad blocker)
forum #3177 List of known posts with missing original images
forum #3264 If all images fail to load, this may help.
forum #2825 Use this thread for any and all requests, whether it be for an image source, art commission, or for people to fold cranes for your WishingCrane wish.


Q: Who are the mods/admins/owners/officials?
Server operators:

1. Lozertuser
2. Geltas
3. Jerl
4. internetlovemachine

1. biibii801
2. Xiombarg
3. hentaiprovisions
4. lhixl90
5. TitanZ
6. BlueBaroness
7. elemental_guy
9. hopewithinchaos
10. jedi1357
11. AngryZapdos
12. ShadowbladeEdge
13. Xalrun

Retired Staff:

Q: What is the "Unofficial Gardener's Guild?"
Gardeners are respected users who contribute a significant amount of time and effort to the site. They help with tagging, flagging images for deletion, and answering questions in the forum. Some gardeners are recognized as a big help by Gelbooru's moderation team, and are given the Unofficial Gardener's Guild title, which enables them to tag without time restrictions. To lend them a hand visit this thread:

Q: How do you pronounce Gelbooru?
Diacritical: gelbürü

Q: Who are the Discord chat mods?
1. lozertuser
2. Firestar

1. Xalrun
2. jedi1357
3. Jerl
4. BlueBaroness
5. internetlovemachine

Q: Who are the IRC chat mods?
A: *This list may be incomplete*
1. ABW|Lozer
2. geltas

1. hentaiprovisions

2. Jerl
3. Xalrun
4. Peorth
5. Sugoi_Oniichan

Q: Where can I find the chat?
A: You can also get to it by clicking "Discord" on the sites toolbar.

Q: Does Gelbooru use tracking cookies?
A: Sometimes Gelbooru uses Google Analytics, sometimes not.

Q: Does Gelbooru use my cache?
A: Yes.

Q: Does Gelbooru have API support or will it ever?

Q: What if I find a bug?
A: Report it on the bugtracker located on the top menu area under the name Trac.

Q: Why must everything stick to Japan?
A: This is a image board for Japanese related material.



Q: What are tags?
A: Tags are words used to describe features and details about the image, to make it easier for viewers to find images they want to see. These are very important, so be sure to tag as much as you can.

Q: How are tags with more than one word made?
A: Instead of a space between the words (which works as a tag separator!) use an underscore ( _ ), which connects words to one tag. It'd look Like_This.

Q: What does "tagme" mean?
A: It means the image needs more tags added to help it be described and seen.

For a more detailed answer, consult the wiki:

Q: Is there a special request tag for characters or copyrights?
A: Yes. We have four primary tag request tags besides tagme. These are "artist_request", "character_request", "copyright_request", and "source_request". For more info about them, consult their Wiki pages:

Q: I found a tag I don't know the definition of, where can I find out what it means?
A: If the definition of a tag on the site confuses you, consult the tag wiki. If an article about the tag doesn't exist, or is blank, consult the forums. You can create a thread, but it's preferred if you ask in one of our already existing tagging threads which can be found at forum #1334 or forum #1706.

Q: What is the tag wiki, and how do I use it?
A: Put simply, the sites tag dictionary.

To use it, just enter a tag in the search bar at the top of the page. If a wiki page for the tag exists, it should show a result. If it doesn't, the site will ask you to create the page. The article could also be blank. If this is the case, it's recommended you consult forum #1334 or forum #1706 before creating the wiki, to make sure our definition of the tag is used. It would create trouble if a wiki article contradicted a tags actual use.

Q: How do I tag/How do I edit a "tagme" picture's tags?
A: Click "edit" in the Options toolbar to the left of the picture. If you can only provide a few tags, it's recommended you keep "tagme" after you add them in. If you feel you've tagged everything that could be tagged in the picture, feel free to remove it.

For a more detailed answer, consult this page:

Q: So it's bad manners to add tags that don't exist?
A: For the most part, yes. - forum #84
If you're interested in creating a tag, create a forum thread about it. You could also ask one of our tagging threads at forum #1334 or forum #1706, but this isn't recommended for creating a tag.

Q: What are tag aliases?
A: Aliases are just another word for a search term. These make tags show results under alternate names. Without it, a term like "tan_lines" would not show results, because we might primarily use "tanline" instead.

Q: Why do some tags return a lot fewer images than the number listed?
A: Currently, deleted images are not fully removed from the site except in extreme circumstances; rather, they are just hidden. These hidden images are still in the database, so they still get counted in the tag count. This can make a very big difference in old, depreciated tags, where despite the tag being changed to something else on all of the active images, it's still there on the deleted images, which might be quite numerous. It can also make a large difference in large tags in general. The larger a tag is, the more deleted images it is likely to be counting. Some large tags have 1,000+ deleted images that are still being counted.

Q: When I try to add tags to a post, it sometimes returns me to the main post listing and doesn't change the tags on an image. Why does this happen?
A: In order to prevent abuse, Gelbooru has a limit on how fast regular users may perform tag edits. Any user who is not site staff must wait 10 seconds between tag edits, otherwise the site will reject your tag edit. The good news is that if you're getting this error a lot, it means that you're contributing a decent amount of work to the site. Stick around and get involved in the community and you may eventually get this restriction removed.



Q: How do I upload images to Gelbooru?
Be sure to read the Terms of Service and the Guidelines listed in the upload page before doing so!

Q: If I upload a picture that already exists on Gelbooru without knowing it, what will happen?
A: If it is the exact same image, the site will link you to it, otherwise it will be added and you will be hated. Use as a cautionary measure before uploading.

Q: How many uploads can I make in a day?
A: As many as you want, provided you don't break the site rules.

Q: How do I search with more than one tag?
A: Type "tag1 tag2 tag3" and so on into the search box without the quotes.

Q: I clicked on "Always view original", but I want to go back to seeing samples. What do I do?
Settings -> Options -> Resize Images: Uncheck box.

Q: How do I add translations?

Q: My program that uses the Gelbooru API stopped working suddenly. What changed?
A: Make sure that you are sending your login cookies when accessing the API. We no longer allow anonymous access to the API.



Q: Can I favorite images? How do I do it?
A: Yes, you can. Look in the "Options" toolbar to the left of the image. In there, you'll find "Add to favorites". Click that, and the post will be added into your favorites.

Q: How do I remove an image from my favorites?
A: Go into your favorites, and find the image you want to remove. "Remove" should be below the thumbnail. Click it, and the image will be removed from your favorites.

Q: How can I upload an avatar?
A: Go to your profile page and click change avatar. It only supports jpg extensions at the moment.

Q: I've uploaded an avatar, but Gelbooru isn't showing it! What's wrong?
A: This could be one of two things.
1) Clear your cache. This should make your avatar change.
2) If that doesn't work, make sure the image extension is .jpg. The avatar system only supports .jpgs, nothing else will work.

Q: How do I delete my account/change my username?
A: User accounts cannot be deleted, and usernames cannot be changed.

Q: How do I add tags to the "Favorite Tags" section of my profile?
A: This feature does not currently exist and is in development.

Q: How do I add information to the "About Me" section of my profile?
A: This feature does not currently exist and is in development.

1127V - Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Um... I ran into an editing issue for the first post so I'm hijacking this long-answered second post that had asked about the "about myself" feature.
Posted on: 10/17/10 03:45PM

Q: It says "You can't perform this action" but my account has not been banned.
A: You got assigned someone else's IP address who was banned. This is more likely if you are using a VPN.

Q: It says "Account too Inactive".
A: See for an explanation.

Q: It says "This content is not available in your country."
A: This is our "404 page not found" error page.

Skenomo - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
Posted on: 11/02/10 08:51PM

Can I download the original images by tag using the program?

There is an opportunity to save a tags to each image in the text, then by the “code name of original image” find those tags?

Is it possible to update the tags in the stored text document?

I do not mind if you say no, simply checking the option.

I faced the fact that by tag should be 93 images, and in fact their only 68, what could be wrong?

Sorry for my gammy english, I’m russian.

RyuHayabusa - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
Posted on: 11/29/10 10:06PM

Why do avatars have to be EXACTLY 160x260 pixels? That is a bit ridiculous. What's the problem if they're smaller? I can understand it being a problem if your avatar exceeded the size.

Foremath - Group: Member - Total Posts: 103
Posted on: 12/01/10 01:31AM

RyuHayabusa said:
Why do avatars have to be EXACTLY 160x260 pixels? That is a bit ridiculous. What's the problem if they're smaller? I can understand it being a problem if your avatar exceeded the size.

It doesn't HAVE to. It'll get resized. (Or at least I assume it will and lozer isn't lazy enough to not implement it.)
The warning is there because if you don't put it in the same aspect ratio it'll get stretched.

By the way, lozer, why the weird aspect ratio? I mean, 160x240 is right nearby and that's 2:3...

Saftkeur - Group: Member - Total Posts: 10
Posted on: 12/26/10 08:46AM

How do delete images? Can only admins delete images?

Are slowmotion duplicate of GIF allowed? (duplicate of GIF that already exist?)

biibii801 - Group: Retired Staff - Total Posts: 164
Posted on: 12/26/10 10:34PM

Saftkeur said:
How do delete images? Can only admins delete images?

Only admins and mods can delete images. Users can use the "Flag for Deletion" link if they find an image against the ToS.

Are slowmotion duplicate of GIF allowed? (duplicate of GIF that already exist?)

Would depend on why it was slowed down, I suppose. Generally we discourage/don't allow edited duplicates, unless one is a larger, high-quality version.

Anti_Gendou - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 4382
Posted on: 12/29/10 06:12AM

Edit: I meant hyperlinking
How do I stop asking stupid questions?

DuelistVash - Group: Member - Total Posts: 2
Not getting all images
Posted on: 01/08/11 03:10PM

Just did a search for toph and only had one page of results, less than there should be. I'm not sure if it happening for every search but this was the most noticable.

Deusexcalamus - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 1169
Posted on: 01/08/11 04:00PM

Anti_Gendou said:
How do I pothole tags? Do we have that function like the other boorus?

Either out of stupidity or laziness, I haven't figured this out yet.

I'm guessing the former.

What do you mean by 'pothole'?
DuelistVash said:
Just did a search for toph and only had one page of results, less than there should be. I'm not sure if it happening for every search but this was the most noticable.

How many are you expecting? Avatar: TLAB is a western show, there's not going to be much art for it that doesn't violate the TOS.

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