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Elaanel Group: Member - Total Posts: 49
QBooru Mobile - Android
Posted on: 03/26/16 11:17AM
*** Supported Android Versions : 4.0.3 - 6.x ***
**Android 6 Support will come as soon as I can, but I don't own a 6.x device, so I can't properly debug 6.x specific bug.**

It's been quite some time I've been working on that. I wanted a Konachan-like app (yeah, the old Konachan app), simple to use, but couldn't find it, so I made one.
This app isn't on Google Play due to its secual content on the main version, and suggestive content on the SFW version. Amazon, however, accepted the app.

Gelbooru isn't part of it yet due to the API login required, but will be in a close future, and that's why I post it here, to know if people are interested in the app, and if this login support should be implemented.

If you find any issue, or have a request, feel free to post in this thread, as it would help me improve the app. The NSFW is currently on puush, but will be hosted on a real website as soon as I can.

GitHub :
SFW app (Amazon-approved) :
NSFW app 0.9.2 :

It supports:
SFW Version:
- Safebooru
- Yandere
- Konachan

NSFW Version:
- SFW Boorus
- Gelbooru
- Danbooru
- Rule34
- E621

Planned Features:
- Add your boorus
- Bookmarks

The SFW version is juste the NSFW version with less boorus enabled, dut to Danbooru, E621 and Rule34 showing suggestive content as "Safe", and with the search engine locked with the tag "rating:s" (or its variants depending on the booru). The app already has an easy to setup way to add boorus, but it isn't available to the users yet, but will be.

I also made a software a year ago on the same topic : , which is still unstable, but does the job.

Elaanel Group: Member - Total Posts: 49
Posted on: 04/22/16 07:14PM
Updated it, see

Added full Gelbooru support, using another account to manage the API and not compromize my real account.

Feelicks Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
Posted on: 05/09/16 12:13PM
Uh... the NSFW links don't work.

Elaanel Group: Member - Total Posts: 49
Posted on: 05/11/16 02:13PM
Might be that I uploaded the wrong version, let me check that and rebuild. The only real issue I'm aware of is blocking downloads (that makes HTTP 403 errors).
Do you use the Amazon version or the NSFW ?

Here is the updated NSFW Version :

Since I can't have it on GPlay, I'm still looking for when hosting to run my own version control, just like the desktop app has. But my current host drastically limits CPU, and the site is offline most of the time.

Elaanel Group: Member - Total Posts: 49
Posted on: 06/09/16 02:42PM
Put out a GitHub repository for the app available at :

Since I have no way to put any kind of ad or whatever in it, that Google Play suspended it (and I don't want to gamble on AdMob for revenue), and Amazon is kinda bad, I thought it'd be better to put it Open-Source so people wanting to make Java apps/softwares could use the booru-related source files. Plus, the 60+ downloads of the last source (and still 50 installations from GPlay) make me confident that it might be helpful.

Most of these sources are pure Java, Android classes being used in UI, Network, and Adapters. Base models and classes are native Java, so they can be imported in any project easily.

It's also from these sources that I'm rewriting the PC software. Java may be slow and bloated, but it helped me improve the main processes of getting data from boorus and using it.

Source *should* be working. Builds will be put there too as I make them, to make them easily available. It should also ease the process of reporting bugs.

Jerglekakhan Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Posted on: 09/24/16 04:52AM
Ever consider uploading to F-Droid?

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