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Batsuuu Group: Member - Total Posts: 2
Webm not playing here
Posted on: 08/09/16 01:03PM
For some reason webm files aren't playing on this site anymore. It works fine everywhere else, but on gelbooru the player just doesn't show up on chrome. It used to work fine up until a couple days ago. Any ideas? (Im not on mobile btw)

Batsuuu Group: Member - Total Posts: 2
Posted on: 08/09/16 01:09PM
oh ok sorry. Looks like i just had to disable ad block

lozertuser Group: Administrator - Total Posts: 1485
Posted on: 08/09/16 08:12PM
Adblock blocked webms on our site, no idea why. A pretty aggressive move, it made me wonder if there was a secondary motive. Obviously not...

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