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Allihanna Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Just a small survey
Posted on: 08/22/16 11:21PM
I'm just curious, please be honest and answer what you would do in each situation.

Situation 1 - You just met a cute girl in a party, you two talk and get along well, you two go somewhere private, things get hotter, first you're kissing, then groping, then she's sucking your dick. It's feeling awesome and you really want to cum in her mouth. It is unliked you'll see each other again. You:

A) Ask her if you can cum in her mouth and respect her choice. If it's no, then you do it outside.
B) Warn her right before you cum and let her decide what to do.
C) Just cum inside without any warning.
D) Not only you cum inside, but you hold her head so she can't pull herself away.

Situation 2 - A similar situation, but now you are having actual sex. She accepted to have sex on the condition that you don't cum inside. You are not using a condom and you don't know if she's in a dangerous day, however, you really want to cum inside her. You:

A) Hold your desires since you accepted the conditions.
B) Try to convince her otherwise as you go.
C) Cum inside anyway but don't say anything, you let she find out for herself.
D) Cum inside and tell her while you do it just to see her reaction.

Dirty_Harry Group: Member - Total Posts: 602
Posted on: 08/22/16 11:56PM
Your options are shit.

Situation 1: Not gonna ask for permission, but I'll tell her I'm about to finish. She can do whatever she wants.

Situation 2: No sex with strangers without a condom. It's not just about you avoiding pregnancy, but also about me not picking up STDs.

Also, this survey won't help you to avoid an asshole. If you want to increase your chances of making sure he doesn't come in your vagina, tell him you want to swallow. But I really don't recommend doing it with a stranger without a condom. Bring some with you, in case he is unprepared. If you do it without, you deserve whatever happens.

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