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Now Viewing: PIA and Zenmate(free) IPs

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Haruki1995 Group: Member - Total Posts: 19
PIA and Zenmate(free) IPs
Posted on: 09/09/16 07:49PM
Are many(or looks like all of them?) Privateinternetaccess IP pools and all Zenmate free Firefox VPN IPs banned from upload?
Website says:
You can't perform this action. Reason:

Yes, empty reason.
I could upload ~2 weeks ago using certain PIA or Zenmate address, but looks like now they are all restricted.

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4062
Posted on: 09/09/16 11:03PM
We block open proxies and VPN's that have been used to abuse our site from uploading and commenting.

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