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KemonoLover96 Group: Member - Total Posts: 37
Following twitter uploads
Posted on: 11/01/16 10:26AM
Hello, i was wondering if there was the only to upload images from Twitter by following users. I've been moved from Pixiv to Twitter to upload more furry/kemono images, and i follow more users from it.

Yesterday, i followed over 478 users, then today, when i woke up, i lost one user i've been following. I even interact with them as well. I currently have over 483 users i've been following them, but they turn me off for no reasons.

Is there was only not to lose the users i follow them. I don't want to go back to Pixiv, i want to be on twitter because it has lot of Kemono artists uploading pictures there as well.

jedi1357 Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3195
Posted on: 11/07/16 10:36AM
If an artist uses both pixiv and Twitter do not upload from Twitter. Twitter is not a dedicated art site like pixiv and file quality is poor. If a pixiv version of a file is available then an upload from Twitter will be deleted for being a compressed or inferior-quality file.

Use to see if a better vision of an image is available and only upload the highest quality version available. This is not Twitter unless the artist posts only to Twitter.

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