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Sakari Group: Member - Total Posts: 7
Page impossible to edit
Posted on: 11/11/16 05:38AM
Hey guys,

I occasionally go on a translating spree here for fun and practice, and I edit the tags accordingly. However, upon translating post #1190517, I found it was impossible to save any changes to the tags, which need several updates. Might not be too pressing a problem, but it's annoying me more than it should, and I was wondering what causes it not to work. Any ideas?

Firestorm013 Group: Member - Total Posts: 33
Posted on: 11/11/16 09:38AM
That post was locked, preventing ordinary members from editing the tags. What you can do is go to forum #1706 and ask a mod to add or remove the tags you want. You can tell if a post was locked if it says Unlock Image between Add to favorites and Tag Merge

jedi1357 Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3195
Posted on: 11/11/16 11:00AM
Try it now.

Sakari Group: Member - Total Posts: 7
Posted on: 11/12/16 04:47AM
Thanks! Now I know how it works.

usernam Group: Member - Total Posts: 46
Posted on: 11/22/16 06:19PM
Edit: just read Firestorm013's post, this post should be in:

To forum #1706 <--- Many pages need unlocked that need implication tags (such as at #girls -> multiple_girls or *_tail -> tail). There is also a glitch at ; some are locked, others are not, but the bottom right ones have the tag "halftone" but are still showing up. fellatio -oral = these two need the tag "oral": post #2932632 and post #3318343. Add "fat" to alias <3 -> heart: post #3112477, post #1933201, post #1726978, post #1675750

To forum #3563 <--- I do. e621 seriously fails at tagging--how can they be that stupid?: Their failure to master language was the biggest turn off to me.

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