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tanaab1234567890 Group: Member - Total Posts: 29
Non-sample on some pictures on
Posted on: 11/14/16 12:23AM
Ok, for some pictures I can't get the non-sample version on, and I want to upload the full versions here, of course.
"Larger version" only gives me another one.
Here I can only get a 175 kb version at best, however:
This clearly shows that there is a proper version.
What do I miss?

Floater Group: Member - Total Posts: 83
Posted on: 11/14/16 05:06AM
They have a policy to restrict full size downloads of dakimakura images to reduce pirating.

tanaab1234567890 Group: Member - Total Posts: 29
Posted on: 11/14/16 07:53AM
Ok, thanks.
How did some people get the fully sized one? If they uploaded it on both sites, I see no reason to link to as a source. And the guy who posted it on dan and the guy who posted in on yan seem to be different.

jedi1357 Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3196
Posted on: 11/14/16 11:06AM
That's still not full sized. A dakimakura should be life-sized like post #446174 or post #446176. (Over 10MB each side)

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