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Now Viewing: How do I sort the entire list of tags alphabetically?

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Starbreaker_ Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
How do I sort the entire list of tags alphabetically?
Posted on: 12/01/16 04:17PM
Is it even possible? Or do I just have to make do with them being in whatever order they are?

th8827 Group: Retired Staff - Total Posts: 1109
Posted on: 12/01/16 04:43PM
Aren't they already alphabetical?

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4080
Posted on: 12/01/16 05:36PM
If you're talking about the tags page, you can choose the sort method when searching.

secret64 Group: Member - Total Posts: 99
Posted on: 12/06/16 11:47PM
You could theoretically search for just the wild card *, but Gelbooru's tag search doesn't allow that many tags in one search result.

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