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GOD_EMPEROR_OF_GARHALLA Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Someone is abusing the system.
Posted on: 12/11/16 12:35PM
Most specifically, a bunch of Hinata_hyuuga images keep getting downvoted like crazy and anyone who brings it up seems to get reported and downvoted for no reason.

Xalrun Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3699
Posted on: 12/11/16 12:48PM
We're aware, but the most we can do about the reports is unflag them.

mr.cold Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Posted on: 12/12/16 03:24PM

does anyone know when this all started to occur?

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4345
Posted on: 12/12/16 04:06PM
A few years ago.

mr.cold Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Posted on: 12/12/16 04:13PM
thank you.

Evil_Emperor_Proteus Group: Member - Total Posts: 9
Posted on: 01/08/17 09:40PM
People just can't be trusted to not be retarded. There are people who go around down-voting every image and every comment they see for no reason.

Azaira Group: Member - Total Posts: 2
Posted on: 01/14/17 10:13PM
Registered users the site can down-vote.
Past that, check IP addresses, so only a single vote could be cast for each.

They're quite simple to implement normally, though I don't know if you check for these. And I'm sure you could also find one or two other ways to ensure this doesn't occur. Though it does require it to be done on the programmer's end.

Anti_Gendou Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 4060
Posted on: 01/15/17 10:10AM
I think it already does that.

You get one vote. You can't create a second account to vote again without something else. Like say, dynamic IP? Proxies? etc. Which is what they are doing.

It might have actually been more effective to do what Danbooru does and make it so only certain accounts can vote, but that also defeats any purpose of having the scores at all in its own way.

Madhippy Group: Member - Total Posts: 11
Posted on: 01/26/17 01:16AM
If people are abusing the system to hide an obscure art they have some irrational issue with, it might be time to change how Gelbooru handles its voting.
Its easy to ignore it when you suspect it is one person with a grudge on Hinata, but what happens when its 100 people attacking multiple tags.
I used this site for 3 years before making an account, I don't know how most people who traffic this site behave but you should consider the possibility that people on the site may not have accounts to alter so they can see down voted items, or that someone with an account may not want to lower their threshold and look through genuinely bad images just for the chance to see falsely down voted items. Because worst case scenario is that it gets out of control across multiple users and the site to the first time view looks practically empty.

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4345
Posted on: 01/26/17 01:57AM
You don't need an account to use blacklist or change score thresholds. Those features are there for everyone - even anonymous users with no account.

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