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ElectronicReignOfTerror Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Posted on: 12/22/16 06:32AM
Senran Kagura has the best music:

Omni_Slayer Group: Member - Total Posts: 172
Posted on: 12/22/16 05:50PM

tsumonishi Group: Member - Total Posts: 4
Posted on: 12/23/16 08:14PM
i play xenoverse 2, star wars battlefront, smite and final fantasy xiv. east coast us

Tinfoilforest Group: Member - Total Posts: 9
Posted on: 12/31/16 08:15AM
I play smite sometimes.. and I have other games but they're lame without any friends(mainly other f2p games like smite/battlefield1 and others,) so I don't play them very much at all. I use to be nigh-unstoppable in shooters but I might be out of practice and i've only booted up BF1 like once since I got the game considering I got it because someone asked me to but then that person disappeared.

PSN is Goresloths if anyone cares. Definitely have enough room to fit people. My internet lags during the day but I am insomniac and only take a short nap every other day- I'm up all night playing games so if anyone is in EST GMT-5 and is nocturnal or somethin. That's primetime
Currently playing Let it Die just for fucks- waiting on berseria, nier and gensou wanderer.

This was probably a bad idea.

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