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Rxxx Group: Member - Total Posts: 22
webm downloaded - how to loop?
Posted on: 12/28/16 05:13PM
When I downloaded webm's, I can no longer watch them as endless loop. I presume I need some html code to embed it so that the looping works?
I tried to look that info up e.g. via selfhtml, and that refers to how to include webm's in a webpage, I also looked into how the html looks like when I download the whole html page + images + webm, but I could not figure it out.
This is only the case with webm files, when I load a swf file into the browser I get an infinite loop. There I also have the right-mouse-click menu entry "Loop", but there is no such entry for the webm right-mouse-click menu...

Does anyone of you know how it is done? How I need to embed the webm so that I get a loop?

Browser: Firefox, with Flashplayer, x86-64 Linux (therefore only the 11.2.202.* version of Flash)

Dirty_Harry Group: Member - Total Posts: 607
Posted on: 12/28/16 05:57PM
open webm with a video player

smackmybitchup Group: Member - Total Posts: 1059
Posted on: 12/28/16 06:37PM
But how does he make it loop in the web browser? It does always loop in it for me.

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4345
Posted on: 12/28/16 07:02PM
The "loop" context menu item shows up just fine for me on FF 50.1.0.

To embed it with looping, you need to embed it using the <video> HTML5 tag, using "loop" as an attribute. Should look like this:

<video loop>
<source src="link to file" type="video/webm" />

You can also add the "controls" attribute to the video tag in the same place as "loop" to force the controls to show, as well as set specific or relative sizes using CSS with the "style" attribute.

Rxxx Group: Member - Total Posts: 22
Posted on: 12/30/16 03:45PM
Thanks Jerl, <video autoplay='true' loop='true' controls='true'> works just fine.

Now I have to figure out if a 100% zoom can be done via CSS / style attribute... (Not easy to find, since "style" if found quite often in documentation about stylesheets...)

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