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Now Viewing: Help finding more hentai involving homeless

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mdana45 Group: Member - Total Posts: 7
Help finding more hentai involving homeless
Posted on: 04/22/18 09:54PM
There's a homeless tag, but not much of it on here. Looking for anything involving homeless, but really hoping to find homeless with lolis, or homeless raping girls. Would even be open to western style comics at this point

Cruisinginthe1980s Group: Member - Total Posts: 15
Posted on: 04/22/18 10:24PM
Oh man, there was this one REALLY good doujin I read several years ago which involved two homeless dudes raping a delicious elementary school loli. I completely forget what it was called, but I'm 100% sure I found it on the website "HBrowse" <-- Not even sure if that site is still up and running nowadays o,o

Sorry I can't help any more than that at the moment ^^;

mdana45 Group: Member - Total Posts: 7
Posted on: 04/22/18 10:39PM
Hbrowse is definitely up, I was actually looking on there earlier. I'll have to take another look, thanks!

Dante1016996 Group: Member - Total Posts: 749
Posted on: 04/24/18 04:30PM
Artist:Kawady MAX
Title: Yogosareta Shoujo (Defiled Virgin)

acelen Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Posted on: 04/26/18 09:09AM

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