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Now Viewing: wtf is lesbians getting raped?
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mademan45 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
wtf is lesbians getting raped?
Posted on: 06/24/18 11:47AM

Please explain to me how this even makes sense .....

Xalrun - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3751
Posted on: 06/24/18 12:49PM

what are you talking about?

jedi1357 - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3581
Posted on: 06/24/18 01:23PM

When an SJW lesbian gets hit on by a butch dyke.

spiderfan - Group: Member - Total Posts: 605
Posted on: 06/25/18 03:21PM

mademan45 said:
Please explain to me how this even makes sense .....


Anti_Gendou - Group: Moderator in Training - Total Posts: 4189
Posted on: 06/26/18 12:12AM

This meme again.

Mrdankmeme45 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Posted on: 07/06/18 07:04PM

They are probably to tight

Cypress_Cat - Group: Member - Total Posts: 19
Posted on: 04/10/19 09:01AM

I clicked this link expecting a punchline...

Unfortunately, I got it.

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