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ezorde Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
Is there a limit to how many tags you can blacklist?
Posted on: 08/06/18 07:02PM
Something amazing just happened to me.

So I'd say I have around a hundreds tag in my blacklist, most of which are artists and not regular tags. Tonight, I added a few more tags to the blacklist, and at some point I started having a message which said something might be wrong with Gelbooru, like maybe there's a problem with the servers, but everything was fine bacause I was able to continue to browse as usual.

I go back to my options and the tag I added was not there. I added it again and this time I clicked "Having issues with your blacklist saving? Click here"

It didn't work either. I eventually found a way for me to continue to add more tags: I must first add the tag then click Having issues, then I must go back to the options, do the same and click on "Save settings", then log out and then log in (because for some reasons when I add a tag, my whole blacklist stops working, so I have to log out/in) and THEN the tag would be added.

I continued adding 20/30 tags to the blacklist, and at some point, I logged out and just couldn't log back in, I had the same "Something might be wrong with Gelbooru" or something screen. I figured it was because of the blacklist again. Fortunately, I was connected to Gelbooru with my phone, and I was able to take off some tags to be able to log in again on my PC.

So I must ask, is there a limit to how many tags you can blacklist? Is it a limit that was set by Gelbooru itself, or have I added so much tags that I broke the whole thing?

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4561
Posted on: 08/06/18 09:00PM
The limit isn't exactly a limit on the size of your blacklist, but rather a limit on the cumulative size of cookies that each site can set. We store a copy of your blacklist on the server, but this is only used to set it as a cookie in your browser. Only the copy stored as a cookie in your browser is actually used to block posts. The My Tags section, your username, your password hash, and various other settings all count toward this limit.

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