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shionsan - Group: Member - Total Posts: 28
API: multi-MD5 query
Posted on: 03/09/19 07:19PM

Found out that a link like this [ ] redirects to the post if md5 matches and shows default list otherwise. Is there an API way for that? [ ] gives a default list, so md5 parameter seems to be ignored there.

Right now it seems that API can accept only one md5 per query via [ tags=md5:### ], while it would be really awesome to have a query like tags have [ names=tag1+tag2+... ]. Something like [ ] resulting in posts of matched md5s.

Should I add this to Trac as a feature request?

lozertuser - Group: Administrator - Total Posts: 1632
Posted on: 03/09/19 10:44PM

Probably should, yeah.

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