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flimflam02 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 4
Looking for Help on Editing a Wiki Entry
Posted on: 03/10/19 03:46PM

I'm looking to revise the "bodycon" wiki entry, because I think it could do with more information, but I'm worried of tampering with the entry, derailing into subjectivity, adding unnecessary information, or simply having poor wording and formatting. It's a rarely used tag, and I'm hoping this might popularize it more since it's fairly identifiable, and established itself with a tag of its own on pixiv, with hundreds of images on there (that are tagged, anyway).
It's also not a subjective tag like some that commonly get used for these types of outfits like "bitch", "slutty", "bimbo".
Maybe it could be dropped as a tag, but I think it's distinguished enough to deserve not being thrown in with the generic "dress" tag, nor simply "microdress".
Perhaps it should be changed to bodycon_dress so that the unfamiliar will at least have the impression it's referring to clothing and not some strange body convention event.

I have a rough idea of what to add to the article, and any input, critique, insight on what to add or cut is welcome since I'm not familiar with editing wikis, or bbcode.
I also couldn't find the bbcode documentation linked by the Formatting Help & Info text when creating/editing a wiki article.

"Derived from the term "body-conscious."

Relating to or denoting a very tight-fitting style of clothing; skin-tight, clingy dresses meant to accentuate a person's curves and figure.
Typically found in urban nightlife entertainment such as nightclubs, galas, bars, and city streets.
May appear shiny, metallic, made out of rubber, latex, or satin, with open backs, straps, low cuts, deep v-neck plunges, or revealing with many cut-out portions.
Example: post #3752640

Commonly associated tags are dress, microdress, tube_dress, skindentation, and skin_tight.
May also be found to be tagged with gyaru, prostitution, erect_nipples, puffy_nipples, areola_slip, whale tail, shiny_clothes, revealing_clothes, cleavage, animal_print, leopard_print.

Should be used for dresses with skirted bottom portions. Do not tag for bunnysuits, full body suits, or standalone tops and bottoms."

jedi1357 - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3550
Posted on: 03/10/19 05:19PM

For many tags like this I'd just go with the Danbo wiki:

But I guess what you have is pretty good too.

Note, we usually use forum #1706 for discussing tags.

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