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RabidSnake - Group: Member - Total Posts: 9
Ironashi's posts being deleted
Posted on: 04/03/19 03:14AM

Ok more than half of those posts has been deleted - reason being as "toddler" or "toddlercon" content .

Problem is that easily less than half of these was either not even remotley toddlercon or straight-up lolicon .

Main issue being - the context of the artist's artstyle - as a lot of his works are pretty ambiguous .

But just to make myself clear here is what im actually talkin about :

So i'll let others judge if deleting the 3 first posts (these are just examples - rest of his works is very similar) and implying that they were supposed to be toddlers was a fair point or not .

Let me know if and how im mistaken . Im legit curious .

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