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flamingmo! Group: Member - Total Posts: 57
How many booru sites are there?
Posted on: 01/30/10 04:21AM
Ive seen danbooru, gelbooru, xbooru, and recently just saw nekobooru. How many boorus are there!?

lozertuser Group: Administrator - Total Posts: 1540
Posted on: 01/30/10 04:25AM
Google overbooru.

Thref Group: Member - Total Posts: 302
Posted on: 02/01/10 06:52AM

FTN, Here's the Link:

BTW, Thar Are M0aR than what that Site lists on the Internetz.
How you Get to them?
Need to have, connections.
Me and Board Leader Know of a certain Booru that Isn't listed there that has a good Booru, but not very well maintained on the image aspect of the site. Will Remain Undisclosed Due to Overshadowing Gelb, as well as other Booru's :p, ;).

slayerduck Group: Project Sponsor - Total Posts: 148
Posted on: 02/01/10 01:51PM
I tried making my own "booru-list" site but kinda failed as there appears to be very little booru's interested in it. I got this idea from chantoplist. It appears that chan's are more likely to add a toplist site icon then booru's.

Another reason i did it because overbooru is so dead and never updated. If anyone got a idea how to make a successful list of all booru's feel free to shoot any idea's to me. The domain is

Mah email is admin(at)

Thref Group: Member - Total Posts: 302
Posted on: 02/02/10 02:11AM

I know of a Couple of other Hentai Booru's Not listed.
Ones Gate(The t is Silent, The Content it has, Not so much what the produced pronounced word is), the Other Just lacks a caring user base, But loaded with features that makes Gelb look like, 1998. . .

Still, Am not at liberty to disclose either, I'm fraid.

Morpholomew Group: Member - Total Posts: 10
Posted on: 02/02/10 09:57AM
Safebooru is safe.

Ilçeren Group: Member - Total Posts: 32
Posted on: 02/03/10 11:34AM
Safebooru is down for maintenance.

Also, I know some other boorus not listed there too. I guees I'll drop buy topbooru and see what is there.

Owyn Group: Member - Total Posts: 42
Posted on: 02/10/10 07:37AM
but this one is the biggest atm right? cuz it grabs everything from danbooro)

Rikko-43 Group: Member - Total Posts: 1433
Posted on: 02/11/10 10:28PM
ive seen one called danubooru...but ive never actually been there...unless its just a danbooru typo

or an evil twin of it

K___ Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Posted on: 02/14/10 11:57PM
I'm still wondering when someone will launch a dedicated Yuribooru.

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