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purplezebra - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Blacklist not working
Posted on: 11/16/23 08:17PM

For whatever reason, all the tags I blacklisted are still showing up whenever I search for them, even though I saved my blacklist. Has this been happening to anyone else here?

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 2312
Posted on: 11/16/23 08:37PM

log out, clear cookies, try again.

Orphan_crippler - Group: Member - Total Posts: 261
Posted on: 11/17/23 12:49PM

Same, I log out and log back in and it fixes itself for a while, but has been repeating a bit too often recently.

lozertuser - Group: The Fake Administrator - Total Posts: 2138
Posted on: 11/17/23 04:00PM

You are searching for a blacklisted tag? It will show the result. Because you searched for it.

Orphan_crippler - Group: Member - Total Posts: 261
Posted on: 11/18/23 08:17AM

No I'm not, it seems to work with More Like This feature but on regular it suddenly shows me images those are properly tagged.

Jerl - Group: The Real Administrator - Total Posts: 6608
Posted on: 11/18/23 09:22AM

The blacklist has never been applied to the More Like This recommendations.

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