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Orphan_crippler - Group: Member - Total Posts: 392
Artists you love, but...
Posted on: 12/10/23 01:14PM

Tell me an artist you still like despite having some pieces you hate, for example, I love Otogi Tetsuro and he one of my fav gyaru artists ever, but my god I hate his smegma fetish which he posts from time to time examples: and post #9340441

Another one is FrozenCocco, or cocco_(cocco1192) as it's here, his Hekapoo is both beautiful when SFW and hot when is NSFW, and can tolerate the futanari, but I hate entering his twitter just to find futanari lolis in diapers, just why dude? At least he rarely mixes that with Hekapoo.

Last one, I have no problems with Tanishi at all, but I understand those who are grossed by his armpit fetish.

Hee-Ho - Group: Member - Total Posts: 2008
Posted on: 12/10/23 02:24PM

Revolverwing is my man, but I'm sick of his overrated Pokemon/Fire Emblem content, his TMS#FE is proof of his genius.

SadSap - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3322
Posted on: 12/10/23 02:51PM

I'll likely come back with more, but from the top of my head:

Kunaboto - If you know anything about Kunaboto you know he draws some really cute and curvy girls in high detail....... and then he completely ruins it with hairy vaginas and obese, horse-faced, ugly bastards with giant smegma cocks. He was one of the first true doujin artists I got to know, and I'd be so dissapointed whenever the ugly bastard would show up. I remember being about 16 and hastily MS-Painting the ugly guys and smegma cocks out with mixed results, lol. I'm thankful we have a mass influx of talented lewd artists these days, because back then it was less common to find artists on kunaboto's quality level.

Andro Juniatro - Fuck this guy man, lol. I used to be such a fan of his art, especially considering that his maid bot OC was one of my favorite lewd OC's in existence, until I found out he does (content warning under the spoiler): farts, shitting, diarrhea. I unfollowed him and removed all his images from my favorites at the speed of light. Most of his art pieces have alternate variants, so if you see a big fat sexy butt in the picture, you can safely assume it will be followed by a huge green fart cloud, or liquid diarrhea. All things considered he has a nice and unique artstyle, but I can't even look at this art without thinking about the bodily functional horrors that will ensue in the next slide. Just absolutely disgusting.

I should probably mention I don't "love" these artists anymore. Haven't actually sought out a kunaboto doujin in years, and Andro Juniatro is permanently on my shit list no pun intended.

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 5500
Posted on: 12/10/23 03:44PM

SadSap said:
and then he completely ruins it with hairy vaginas


ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 5500
Posted on: 12/10/23 08:13PM

SadSap said:

Out of curiosity I went to check the artist.

...Why every girl has the same exact body type. Same belly even. Lazy artist.

Pollix - Group: Member - Total Posts: 169
Posted on: 12/10/23 08:59PM

There are some artists that are foot fetishists. Which is always something I've been "meh" on, but a detail that's been noticed, those who draw good feet also are capable of drawing cute faces and pleasant body. One artist that comes to mind is oyatsu_(mk2)

Jitoryohmaster - Group: Member - Total Posts: 84
I do not love this guys work
Posted on: 12/11/23 12:00PM

For starters. Don't love his work. But it's often drawn well.

Worst than the fact that this guy likes draw bad/horrific things happening to children. This guy puts hidden stuff in his art too. Like swatiskas . His really dark twisted sense of humor is pretty off-putting. But it's like vibrantly looking car crash. I can't help but look.
His most infamous work is Anya (of SpyxFamily) being sent off to the concentration camps during the holocaust. That made headlines a couple of years ago.
He does also make some legitimately funny works, sometimes.

Hee-Ho - Group: Member - Total Posts: 2008
Posted on: 12/11/23 12:45PM

But Anya isn't...

Xalrun - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 4704
Posted on: 12/11/23 01:37PM

nns_(sobchan) draws some really adorable girls in a cute art style, but damn does he also draw a lot of ryona and guro.

SadSap - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3322
Posted on: 12/11/23 02:16PM

d-art - Love his work. He has a nifty artstyle and does beautiful booty shaking animations. I adore his choices of coloring and lighting, and he's a master at animating realistic booty physics. Unfortunately he has a tendency to make the girls buttholes look worn out, and adds fucking butthole hairs. Ugh. Blegh. I just don't get it. Obviously it's his preference (or fetish), but it's just so illogical to me. An anime girl who appears as flawless as a porcelain doll somehow having a wrinkly butthole with hairs on them, is just a jarring juxtaposition. It's not cute or sexy at all. Thankfully, it isn't as extreme as other artists who specialize in that. Also I wish he would do other girls instead of heavily relying on Attack on Titan and Naruto. Those characters just make for extremely boring waifus.

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