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MasterOfEcchi - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
Do you think loli will become illegal in the future?
Posted on: 03/12/24 02:53AM

Loli images, video, etc. Just 2D art, not the gross realistic AI stuff.

Maximinimal - Group: Member - Total Posts: 750
Posted on: 03/12/24 03:54AM

depends on those old,ignorant geezers of choice at the parliament.. for the time being,it's a grey's a contentious matter that's still ongoing...if the Japanese geezers at the Diet gave in and censor them all,then the populace is a lost cause. that's all I can say..I'll let someone else to fill in the blanks.

SadSap - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3322
Posted on: 03/12/24 04:10AM

I feel it's entirely possible, given how it's already illegal in some countries and how some westerners are becoming increasingly sensitive towards fictional anime content, but I believe it would mostly depend on how much influence these sensitivity groups have on the government and society. Or, if the government needs a new scapegoat to justify their funding.

Even as someone who heavily dislikes pre-pubescent lolicon, I do not think it should be illegal. It's completely harmless in the grand scheme of actual criminal activity. Fictional drawings don't harm children; only offending pedophiles do. And I especially do not want lolicon to become the scapegoat to justify targeting much more harmless things, such as big titty anime girls becoming "contraband" just because the character in question is 16.

Hee-Ho - Group: Member - Total Posts: 2008
Posted on: 03/12/24 04:39AM

When Internet neckbeards and autists worse happens to them in the end?


Hee-Ho - Group: Member - Total Posts: 2008
Posted on: 03/12/24 04:48AM

Again, lolis.
It's fun how loli debates gets destroyed so easily by using the cops' word from Spongebob i.e common sense and logic.
Then the mental gymannistics truly shines through.

VenousBite - Group: Member - Total Posts: 34
Posted on: 03/12/24 05:30AM

At that point you're essentially infusing thought crime into your legal system, which is something that will inevitably lead to a dystopian hellhole in any context or scope once it inevitably becomes standard procedure, so you'd hope not. Consumption of fictional material should never be conflated with real actions, which is so obvious that I'm in disbelief that a subset of modern humans still fail to fathom it.

The "outrage" you see against loli from outspoken culture warriors online is mostly superficial and performative, as drama seekers get thrills off the controversy generated by making a childish uproar about it (an intrinsic feature of their psychology from being raised on social media), rather than it being born of a rational set of principles that they follow in their perception of a broad range of subjects. Essentially, it's just a pretext for complaining about something to satisfy the boredom of insane people, and this same collective would be railing against another innocuous thing if loli were taken out of the equation anyway. My optimistic expectation for the future is that the masses eventually tire of the endless series of virtual witch hunts perpetuated by those with a flagrantly malicious, tyrannical outlook on life; thereby rejecting their shallow obsession with making the Overton Window they swear by even narrower than it already is.

Len - Group: Member - Total Posts: 345
Posted on: 03/12/24 06:23AM

They would have to ban child marriage first, which is still a thing in backwards shithole third world countries like The United States.

Moonman - Group: Member - Total Posts: 300
Posted on: 03/12/24 07:33AM

The contrary. There are global movements to make actual photographic CSAM legal, and it's not looking good for those who disagree with such... "progress".

TickTack - Group: Member - Total Posts: 579
Posted on: 03/12/24 07:40AM

Not surprising after a child stripper on youtube called amazing desmond is dancing in front of adults in US. A lot of channels who pointed this got their video deleted and even channels terminated.

I forgot about that there was a little girl who was kidnapped by her own mother and grandmother and was allegedly being pimped, and youtube was having none of it being exposed.

Orphan_crippler - Group: Member - Total Posts: 392
Posted on: 03/12/24 08:20AM


Not only that, but it will create a bad precedent for character design in fiction and maybe make illegal even more stuff as time goes on, such as that game Rev talked about which didn't have a loli, but she wasn't considered big enough.

I wouldn't be surprised if that extended to fanart too.

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