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Street_Pharmacist - Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Image source
Posted on: 04/01/24 11:37PM

Please stop using right click copy image link for image sources. It never works and you should be linking to the artist's accounts with a proper link to the page be it Pixiv or Twitter.

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 5500
Posted on: 04/01/24 11:51PM

If you are referencing the posts of the user "Danbooru" with the wrong source url. That is a bug. The user Danbooru is a bot, that mirrors stuff from Danbooru, Danbooru is reporting bad source urls via the API.

Edit: Ah well.

Jerl - Group: The Real Administrator - Total Posts: 6704
Posted on: 04/02/24 12:10AM

Danbooru is reporting the correct source URL's, which are the direct image URL's. This is how Danbooru has served source URL's for many years.

Our code for converting those on-the-fly to gallery URL's ran into issues and has been disabled.

Orphan_crippler - Group: Member - Total Posts: 392
Posted on: 04/02/24 10:23AM

ctrl + l
ctrl + x
alt + tab
left click
ctrl + v

Cancerouscrab - Group: Member - Total Posts: 236
Posted on: 04/03/24 01:25AM

Jerl, are you or anybody else working on the code to fix this bug? I'm a bit worried due to Lozer's comment on that other thread.

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