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Now Viewing: ヤギちゃんとオオカミさん - Goat and Wolf

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1boy 1girl :3 :p age_difference animal_ears forced furry fuyuno_mikan giantess goat goat_ears inside_creature internal loli original school_uniform sitting size_difference skirt socks stomach text_focus tongue tongue_out translation_request vore wariza wolf rating:Questionable score:7 user:skeep age_difference drooling finger_in_another's_mouth furry fuyuno_mikan goat loli mouth open_mouth saliva school_uniform sweat sweatdrop teeth text_focus tongue translation_request vore wolf rating:Questionable score:5 user:skeep 1boy 1girl age_difference animal_ears bdsm bondage bound censored exhibitionism forced furry fuyuno_mikan giantess goat goat_ears goat_tail loli no_panties panties panties_around_leg school_uniform size_difference skirt squatting tail text_focus translated underwear upskirt wolf rating:Questionable score:7 user:skeep