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Cute zombie stuff

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rating:Questionable score:11 user:danbooru 10s 2girls ahoge bandage biting bow eyes_closed graphite_(medium) hair_bow hair_ornament jacket long_hair mechanical_pencil minamoto_sakura multiple_girls necktie nib_pen_(medium) open_mouth pencil polka_dot polka_dot_bow red_eyes red_hair red_neckwear rocha_(aloha_ro_cha) saliva smile traditional_media v yamada_tae zombie zombie_land_saga rating:Safe score:4 user:danbooru 10s 1girl artist_name bandage black_hair dress hair_between_eyes highres long_hair nickymilky off_shoulder open_mouth outstretched_arms pleated_dress red_eyes saliva signature solo standing yamada_tae zombie zombie_land_saga zombie_pose rating:Safe score:0 user:danbooru 10s 1girl bandage black_hair blue_skin hair_between_eyes highres long_hair open_mouth pleated_skirt red_eyes saliva skirt solo striped striped_sweater sweater tongue tongue_out uvula vatx yamada_tae zombie zombie_land_saga rating:Safe score:4 user:danbooru 10s 2girls bandage biting black_hair blue_skin blush 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