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1girl :o babydoll bangs bare_legs bare_shoulders barefoot between_toes blue_ribbon blunt_bangs blush bow bow_panties breasts breasts_apart cable checkered checkered_floor collarbone commentary_request electric_guitar feet frilled_panties frills full_body gotou_jun groin guitar hair_ornament hair_ribbon hand_to_own_mouth hands_up highres indoors instrument kinokomushi lavender_hair leg_garter leg_ribbbon lingerie long_hair looking_at_viewer midriff navel night night_sky open_mouth panties pink_panties purple_eyes ribbon side_ponytail sitting sky small_breasts soles solo star star_(sky) starry_sky tenshi_no_3p! toes underwear very_long_hair
 1girl absurdres arm_up brown_eyes commentary cowboy_shot electric_guitar facepaint guitar highres holding idolmaster idolmaster_million_live! instrument julia_(idolmaster) kuresaka red_hair shirt short_hair smile standing star
 1girl brown_eyes brown_hair gibson guitar hirasawa_yui instrument jumping k-on! les_paul norizou pantyhose plectrum revision school_uniform short_hair solo
 1girl 2017 absurdres animal art_brush bangs blue_eyes blush bow canvas_(object) cat closed_mouth dated easel eromanga_sensei eyebrows_visible_through_hair frills full_body guitar hair_bow highres holding indoors instrument izumi_sagiri lavender_hair long_hair looking_at_viewer low-tied_long_hair paint paintbrush painting painting_(object) pajamas picture_(object) pink_bow pink_ribbon plant ribbon sidelocks signature slippers solo standing sunlight yu_ming
 1girl acoustic_guitar allison_(summer_lesson) animal bangs bird blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sky brown_shorts cloud cloudy_sky collarbone commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair fingernails flower flying food fruit green_shirt guitar hair_between_eyes highres instrument island jewelry leaf legs_crossed lighthouse long_fingernails looking_at_viewer music nail_polish necklace ocean open_mouth pink_lips pink_nails plant playing_instrument ribbed_shirt scenery shirt short_hair short_shorts short_sleeves shorts sitting sky smile solo summer_lesson sunflower teeth thighhighs thighs veranda water watermelon white_legwear yellow_flower yellowpaint.
 1girl acoustic_guitar air_bubble bangs barefoot black_skirt blouse blue_eyes blue_hair blush bottle_miku fish goldfish guitar hair_between_eyes hatsune_miku holding holding_instrument instrument legs_together lib liquid_hair long_hair navel open_mouth school_uniform serafuku short_sleeves skirt smile solo tareme thighs twintails underwater very_long_hair vocaloid white_blouse
 akebono_(kantai_collection) bakabakasii bandaid bandaid_on_face bell blue_skirt flower glowstick guitar hair_bell hair_bobbles hair_flower hair_ornament highres instrument jingle_bell jumping kantai_collection long_hair oboro_(kantai_collection) pink_hair purple_eyes purple_hair sazanami_(kantai_collection) school_uniform serafuku short_hair short_sleeves side_ponytail skirt sparkle sweat translation_request twintails ushio_(kantai_collection) very_long_hair
 1girl blue_eyes blush breasts brown_hair cat cleavage collarbone denim denim_shorts eyebrows_visible_through_hair flower food fruit guitar holding holding_instrument instrument jewelry large_breasts looking_at_viewer necklace open_mouth short_hair shorts sitting smile solo summer_lesson sunflower tom_sun watermelon
 1girl animal_ears bent_knees blush boots cat_ears chabaneko green_eyes guitar hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairclip headphones highres instrument long_hair looking_at_viewer necktie open_mouth original shirt short_sleeves sitting skirt smile solo striped striped_legwear water_drop white_shirt
 1girl antennae bare_legs blue_hair blue_sky brown_eyes butterfly_wings commentary_request day dress electric_guitar etarnity_larva flower green_dress guitar hair_ornament highres instrument knees_together_feet_apart leaf leaf_hair_ornament looking_at_viewer outdoors petals shinbarian short_hair sky smile solo summer sunflower touhou wings
bang_dream! blush electric_guitar flower guitar long_hair music ponytail purple_hair red_eyes seta_kaoru tuxedo wink
 blush electric_guitar gotou_jun guitar hair_ribbon highres hoshimaemi instrument jumping lavender_eyes lavender_hair long_hair open_mouth pantyhose ribbon side_ponytail solo tenshi_no_3p!
 2girls :p black_gloves black_hair clenched_hand copyright_name crop_top crown dark_skin electric_guitar fingerless_gloves gloves gradient_hair green_background green_eyes guitar highres hime_(splatoon) iida_(splatoon) instrument keijou_(cave) keyboard_(instrument) long_hair looking_at_another multicolored_hair multiple_girls pink_background plectrum short_hair simple_background smile sparkle splatoon splatoon_2 tentacle_hair tongue tongue_out two-tone_background white_hair yellow_eyes
10s 1girl blue_eyes blue_hair blue_neckerchief blush commentary commentary_request elbow_gloves gloves guitar half-closed_eyes instrument kantai_collection karaoke long_hair microphone microphone_stand mikeco music neckerchief open_mouth playing_instrument sailor_collar samidare_(kantai_collection) school_uniform shirt silhouette singing sitting sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo teeth translated upper_body
1girl alternate_costume bikini_top blue_eyes blush boots commentary_request denim denim_shorts flat_chest freckles guitar highres homika_(pokemon) instrument lkll looking_at_viewer nail_polish pointing pointing_up pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm ponytail short_hair shorts smile solo white_hair
akazukin_chacha guitar heihati open_mouth playing popy
 2girls :q ahoge ankh back-to-back bass_guitar black_gloves black_hair boots breasts cleavage colored commentary detached_sleeves electric_guitar fingerless_gloves gloves green_eyes guilty_gear guilty_gear_xrd guitar hat i-no instrument jack-o_(guilty_gear) jacket jewelry kenshin187 lipstick long_hair looking_at_viewer makeup medium_breasts mole_above_mouth multicolored_hair multiple_girls music no_bra outstretched_hand pendant playing_instrument red_eyes red_hair red_jacket short_hair silver_hair thigh_boots thighhighs tongue tongue_out two-tone_hair witch_hat
 1girl bangs bare_shoulders black_boots black_gloves black_ribbon blonde_hair boots breasts cleavage elbow_gloves electric_guitar fang full_body gloves guitar hair_ribbon instrument justin_leyva_(steamy_tomato) kiss-shot_acerola-orion_heart-under-blade long_hair looking_at_viewer monogatari_(series) pigeon-toed ribbon smile solo thigh_boots thighhighs thighhighs_under_boots very_long_hair yellow_eyes
 6+girls :d annotation_request armpits artist_name bare_shoulders blue_eyes blue_hair breasts brown_hair character_request choujikuu_yousai_macross cleavage dark_skin dated dress earrings electric_guitar freyja_wion glasses gloves green_eyes green_hair grin guitar hand_holding headphones highres holding holding_microphone instrument interlocked_fingers jewelry kaname_buccaneer kutsuno large_breasts long_hair lynn_minmay macross macross:_do_you_remember_love? macross_7 macross_delta macross_frontier macross_plus macross_zero makina_nakajima microphone mikumo_guynemer multicolored_hair multiple_girls mylene_jenius necktie nekki_basara open_mouth pink_gloves pink_hair purple_eyes purple_hair ranka_lee red_eyes red_hair reina_prowler sheryl_nome short_hair skirt smile twintails v walkure_(macross_delta) wings wrist_cuffs
balloons bang_dream! blonde_hair blush dress guitar long_hair music shirasagi_chisato sky violet_eyes
 1girl black_hair black_legwear blush breast_pocket breasts classroom closed_mouth desk eyebrows_visible_through_hair guitar highres holding holding_instrument instrument k_ryo kneehighs large_breasts looking_at_viewer original pink_eyes pocket short_hair sitting smile solo
akazukin_chacha chacha guitar popy riiya shiine
akazukin_chacha chacha dancing guitar riiya shiine
 4girls acoustic_guitar animal_hood black_shirt blonde_hair book box candy cardboard_box cat_hood cookie crop_top doughnut food fujita_mariko green_jacket guitar hamburger hat highres hood horned_headwear instrument jacket jitome letter long_hair love_letter maruno_misa multiple_girls official_art parfait pink_hair pink_skirt pointing red_hat shirako_mari shirt skirt sudou_rito suspender_skirt suspenders t-shirt twintails urahara_(anime) visor watatsumugi_kotoko
 1girl bangs blunt_bangs boots buck_teeth chair crown dress electric_guitar guitar hime_(splatoon) inoue_seita instrument looking_at_viewer mole mole_under_mouth official_art outstretched_arm pantyhose pink_legwear short_dress short_hair simple_background sitting smile solo splatoon splatoon_2 stereo tentacle_hair white_background white_boots white_dress white_hair
akazukin_chacha guitar pajamas singing yakko
 1boy 1girl arisaka_ako arm_up bangs black_eyes black_hair black_skirt blouse blush cover cover_page cowboy_shot crossed_arms dutch_angle eyebrows_visible_through_hair grin guitar hair_between_eyes hikikomori-hime_wo_utawasetai! instrument les_paul long_hair necktie novel_cover open_mouth parted_lips plaid plaid_bowtie plaid_necktie pleated_skirt plectrum purple_eyes purple_hair school_uniform short_sleeves simple_background skirt smile solo_focus standing thighs white_background white_blouse
 1boy 1girl black_hair blue_background blue_hair bow bowtie butler carrying cheek_squash choker cowboy_shot dress electric_guitar eyes_closed glasses guitar hair_bow highres instrument kirakira_precure_a_la_mode long_hair microphone mizushima_mitsuyoshi opaque_glasses open_mouth precure princess_carry simple_background smile star starry_background tategami_aoi uchuu_ika
 1girl :d absurdres apron black_dress black_eyes bow bowtie dress elbow_gloves eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang from_below gloves guitar highres holding_instrument instrument long_hair looking_at_viewer maid_headdress open_mouth original shintarou silver_hair smile solo very_long_hair white_apron white_bow white_bowtie white_feathers white_gloves
 >:d 2girls :d aki_yamane arm_at_side artist_name bare_arms bare_shoulders bass_guitar black_gloves blue_eyes boots character_name copyright_name crossover crown domino_mask dress eyebrows fang fingerless_gloves freckles full_body gloves green_hair guitar gym_leader hair_bobbles hair_ornament hand_up headphones high_collar highres hime_(splatoon) holding holding_instrument holding_microphone homika_(pokemon) instrument long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side mask microphone mole mole_under_mouth multicolored_hair multiple_girls off-shoulder_dress off_shoulder open_mouth outstretched_arm paint_splatter pantyhose pink_hair pink_legwear pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_bw2 short_dress short_hair sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile splatoon splatoon_2 standing striped striped_dress tentacle_hair topknot trait_connection two-tone_hair white_dress white_hair yellow_eyes zipper
 1girl bangs bob_cut closed_mouth full_body guitar high-waist_skirt highres holding_instrument instrument loafers looking_down matsuda_hikari monochrome music_man_st._vincent original pantyhose shoes short_hair skirt sleeveless solo
 1girl :d bangs black_legwear blouse blue_skirt blush bob_cut brown_hair confetti eyebrows_visible_through_hair fender_jaguar guitar highres holding_instrument instrument kneehighs long_sleeves matsuda_hikari music open_mouth original pink_eyes playing_instrument pleated_skirt school_uniform short_hair simple_background skirt smile solo standing white_background white_blouse
 1girl bangs black-framed_eyewear black_eyes black_hair black_legwear blush copyright_name glasses grin guitar holding_instrument honda_shiori instrument jacket kneeling matsuda_hikari one_eye_closed open_clothes open_jacket pantyhose pencil_skirt shiori_experience skirt sleeves_rolled_up smile solo stratocaster teeth
apron bang_dream! black_hair blush cards dress electric_guitar green_eyes guitar hanazono_tae long_hair mushroom music ribbon
1girl guitar high_school_dxd rias_gremory tagme
bang_dream! black_hair blush dress electric_guitar green_eyes guitar hanazono_tae long_hair music smile
bang_dream! black_hair blush dress electric_guitar feet flower green_eyes guitar hanazono_tae long_hair music smile wink
 1girl absurdres black_eyes black_hair blush breasts collarbone eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyepatch girls_frontline guitar hat highres holding_instrument instrument jewelry large_breasts looking_at_viewer necklace parted_lips red_hat smile solo teeth xing_muhen
bang_dream! black_hair blush dress flower guitar hat red_eyes short_hair smile ushigome_rimi
 1girl absurdres bang_dream! black_hair blush bracelet collar collarbone eyebrows_visible_through_hair guitar highres holding holding_instrument holding_microphone instrument jewelry keyhole lock looking_at_viewer microphone microphone_stand mitake_ran multicolored_hair open_mouth pink_eyes red_hair short_hair solo sweatdrop teeth two-tone_hair yuusa
bang_dream! blue_hair blush braids dress guitar hikawa_hina hqppy music short_hair sweets yellow_eyes
 1girl animal_ears bishop_(chess) black_choker black_hair black_legwear breasts butterfly card_(medium) cat_ears cat_tail character_name chess_piece choker cleavage crop_top garter_straps guitar hair_rings hairband heart heart_choker heart_pendant high_school_dxd high_school_dxd_born instrument jewelry kuroka_(high_school_dxd) large_breasts lipstick long_hair makeup midriff multiple_tails navel official_art one_eye_closed pendant purple_lipstick skirt slit_pupils smile solo standing stomach tail thighhighs trading_card yellow_eyes zettai_ryouiki
bang_dream! blush brown_hair dress electric_guitar eyes_closed guitar happy music short_hair toyama_kasumi
 1girl astaroth_(the_seven_deadly_sins) bangs bare_shoulders between_breasts blush breasts commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair fingerless_gloves flower from_above full_body gloves guitar hat horns instrument large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer minamon_(vittel221) navel nipples no_bra panties pentagram pink_hair pointy_ears red_eyes red_gloves revealing_clothes shiny shiny_skin simple_background standing striped striped_legwear striped_panties the_seven_deadly_sins thighhighs top_hat underwear white_background
bang_dream! black_hair blush dress guitar microphone mitake_ran music red_eyes rockstar short_hair singig
artist_request cat furry guitar long_hair pink_hair smile teal_eyes
bang_dream! blush brown_hair electric_guitar guitar kimono music sakura short_hair smile spring toyama_kasumi violet_eyes
1boy 1girl audience ben_saint boots concert electric_guitar guitar hair_bobbles hair_ornament heart highres homika_(pokemon) instrument leavanny microphone monochrome music open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_(game) pokemon_bw2 shirt sign singing smile spotlight stage striped striped_shirt text topknot twitter_username
 1boy 1girl absurdres bag beard belt black_cat blue_eyes boots brown_boots capelet cat character_name copyright_name drum earrings eyes_closed facial_hair facing_viewer flower guitar handbag hat hat_flower highres instrument jewelry kyung_hoon_ahn_(goldpants) looking_at_viewer npc_collection one_eye_closed open_hand shorts standing white_hair
 1girl bare_shoulders breasts cleavage fingerless_gloves gloves guilty_gear guitar hat i-no instrument large_breasts monochrome one_eye_closed short_hair solo witch_hat
1girl blonde_hair blush choker flat_chest guitar high_heels izawa_(artist) jewelry loli looking_at_viewer pussy short_hair solo standing thigh_gap uncensored
 1boy antenna_hair color_connection cosplay cowboy_shot detached_collar forehead_protector guitar highres instrument kanzaki_(kusomiso) lavender_hair leotard long_hair looking_at_viewer macross macross_7 male_focus muscle mylene_jenius mylene_jenius_(cosplay) pectorals pink_background sengo_muramasa_(touken_ranbu) smile solo star starry_background touken_ranbu wrist_cuffs
bang_dream! blush dress electric_guitar guitar hat kitazawa_hagumi monkey orange_hair short_hair smile yellow_eyes
1girl ass back bespectacled black_hair boots breasts electric_guitar from_behind full_body glasses green_eyes guilty_gear guilty_gear_xrd guitar hat highres i-no instrument laio large_breasts looking_at_viewer mole_above_mouth panties red_panties red_shoes shoes shooting_glasses short_hair sideboob sitting solo thigh_boots thighhighs topless underwear witch_hat
 black_hair blonde_hair brown_hair choujikuu_yousai_macross commentary commentary_request dress freyja_wion green_hair guitar instrument kaname_buccaneer lynn_minmay macross macross:_do_you_remember_love? macross_7 macross_delta macross_frontier macross_plus macross_zero makina_nakajima mikumo_guynemer mina_forte mylene_jenius nekki_basara pink_hair purple_hair ranka_lee red_hair reina_prowler sara_nome sharon_apple sheryl_nome walkure_(macross_delta) yoshio_hatsuki
bang_dream! blush boots brown_hair dress electric_guitar green_eyes guitar imai_lisa long_hair ponytail sofa
bang_dream! blonde_hair bluah dress electric_guitar flower guitar long_hair music pink_eyes shirasagi_chisato smile wink
bang_dream! blush brown_hair dress electric_guitar guitar music night short_hair smile toyama_kasumi violet_eyes
 1boy brown_hair glasses grey_background guitar hankuri high_collar instrument looking_to_the_side macross macross_7 male_focus nekki_basara open_mouth yellow_eyes
 >_< ... 3girls 6+boys :> :/ :d =_= ^_^ absurdres adjusting_clothes adjusting_scarf alternate_eye_color anger_vein animal animal_ears aqua_eyes arm_up armband arms_behind_head arms_up arrow backpack backwards_hat badge bag baggy_clothes bangs bare_shoulders baseball_cap belt biceps black_background black_bow black_bowtie black_cape black_coat black_eyes black_hair black_jacket black_jeans black_pants black_shirt black_shoes blood blood_on_chest blood_on_face blood_stain bloody_clothes blue_eyes blue_scarf blush bow bow_(weapon) bowtie bracelet breasts brown_hair brown_sailor_collar brown_shirt bunny_ears butterfly buttons cable cage cape carrying chair character_name character_request chasing checkered checkered_jacket cheek_squash chibi chromatic_aberration cleavage close-up closed_mouth coat cockpit collarbone collared_shirt commentary_request compilation copyright_name countdown covering_face cravat cross cross_necklace crossed_arms denim disembodied_limb dog dragonfly dress earrings elbow_rest electric_guitar electricity eyebrows eyelashes eyes_closed fan fence flower folding_fan forehead foreshortening formal from_behind from_side frown furrowed_eyebrows gears glaring glasses grabbing gradient gradient_background green_shirt grey_eyes grey_pants groceries guitar hair_bun hair_over_one_eye hand_on_another's_chest hand_on_ear hand_on_own_leg hand_on_own_neck hand_on_own_stomach hand_over_eye hand_to_own_mouth hands_on_hips hat head_rest head_tilt headdress headset heart highres hirasawa_susumu holding holding_instrument holding_mask holding_microphone holding_skull id_tag in_cage indoors insect instrument jacket jeans jewelry keyboard_(instrument) kiss knees_up labcoat lace lap leaning_back legs_crossed light_frown light_rays lights lips lipstick live_byakkoya long_hair long_image long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_away looking_down looking_up makeup male_focus mandrake_(band) mask megaphone messy_hair miburi microphone military military_uniform miss_aeh multiple_boys multiple_girls multiple_persona music necklace necktie open_clothes open_mouth open_shirt orange_background outdoors outstretched_arm p-model pants parted_bangs pearl pearl_bracelet pearl_necklace petting pink_background pink_blood pink_eyes pink_shirt plaid plaid_shirt pointing pointing_weapon polka_dot polka_dot_background popped_collar propeller purple_flower purple_suit quyo94 railing rang real_life reclining red_background red_bow red_bowtie red_eyes robot round_glasses salute sash scarf scuba_gear shaded_face shiny shiny_clothes shiny_skin shirt shoes short_sleeves sideways sim_city_(interactive_live) singing siren_~kakuu_no_soprano~ sitting skeleton skull sleeves_past_wrists smile smiley_face smirk stage_lights standing striped striped_necktie striped_shirt suit sunglasses suspenders sweatdrop teeth tesla_coil thick_eyebrows toned translation_request turtleneck undercut uniform upside-down vr_visor wading water weapon white_background white_coat white_dress white_jacket white_pants white_shirt white_suit wide_image wide_sleeves wind window wire wiwat_tarasongop wrinkles yellow_background zipper
bang_dream! black_eyes black_hair blush dress electric_guitar guitar headphones music short_hair smile ushigome_rimi
 1girl absurdres aqua_eyes aqua_hair book bookshelf breasts cat cleavage coffee_mug curtains eiffel_tower electric_guitar feihuanjiang guitar guitar_case hatsune_miku highres instrument instrument_case keyboard_(instrument) light_smile long_hair photo_(object) skylight thighs twintails vocaloid
bang_dream! black_hair blush dress electric_guitar green_eyes guitar hanazono_tae headphones long_hair music